10 best analysis tools used by business analyst in 2021


A business analyst uses different tools to analyze the business needs, collaboration, project supervision, collect data, workflow control, and model creation. These tools contain several software applications that make business analysis effective and quick. Moreover, the business analyst gets business issues, gives proper solutions, and then makes changes for business growth.

Here in this article, we have a list of best analysis tools used by business analyst.

  1. Balsamiq:

Balsamiq is the best business analysis tool for brainstorming, the latest product design, and planning new ideas. Wireframes are also available on this tool. Moreover, this tool gives GUI for dummy. Through this tool, a business analyst can share his thoughts about the product with the appropriate collaborator. The users can host their projects online.


  • Availability of editor
  • Drag and drop option
  • Available as a desktop application and extension for confluence, Google drive & JIRA
  • Cloud-based tool
  • Provides swift and built-in connections
  • Broad library for ready-to-go command
  • Can make renewable component libraries ad models
  1. SWOT analysis:

SWOT represents strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The type of business analysis tool where strengths and weaknesses are inside data factors while opportunities are the outside data factors. SWOT tool is well-known for its strategic analysis system and assesses business. Moreover, the tool’s objective is to adjust your weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats into business benefits. Furthermore, there is no limitation for business analysis, you can use it at an enterprise level for the report.


  • Most safe and free tool
  • Show and export PNG file options available
  • It supports load or saves analysis to local XML files
  • It is valuable for making decisions in business
  • Useful for pre-crisis preparation analysis
  1. PESTLE:

Many external environmental elements affect business planning. This tool represents these factors as political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental. Moreover, to make a final decision in business by considering the above 5 factors is such a difficult task. Further, to overcome this obstacle, many business analysts use this tool for making any final decision.


  • An easy and simple frame
  • Helpful in building strategic business outlining
  • Give highlights about product development
  • It provides main factors that should not be neglected while making people strategies
  • Beneficial in lowering the possible warning of a business
  1. Brainstorming:

Brainstorming is the most used tool to analyze business properly. It can be used for making various plans and find an answer for complicated issues. Moreover, this tool supports productive thinking related to the problems then gives the latest ideas, strategies, or suggestions. An idea is given by a single person even if it is out of box idea it is appreciated in brainstorming.

  1. Microsoft office set:

There are many applications in the Microsoft office set that can be beneficial in business analysis. You can install Microsoft Office, such as MS Word, PowerPoint presentation, MS excel, and MS notes on any device.

MS excel

This software is in the form of a spreadsheet. You can install it easily on any device such as android, IOS, and desktop.


  • Make the complex calculation easier
  • It also provides macro-programming language
  • Support external data sources
  • Wide variety of charts or graphs
  • It also has default analytical and financial functions

MS word

It is mainly for writing purposes. Organization can build their models of requirements


  • Provide default dictionary and spelling mistakes
  • You can save a document in any format like PDF, .doc, Docx, etc.
  • Multiple features available like page layout, tables, symbols or equation, and many


Sometimes a business analysis needs to deliver his ideas or plans to partner. The PowerPoint presentation software is for giving a formal presentation.


  • You can insert pictures, videos, animation in your PPT slides
  • You can choose any slides design that matches your presentation
  • Make your slides effective with different transition

MS OneNote

For taking short notes, you can use this software. It is just like a digital notebook


  • Collect screen clipping
  • Save necessary points on the spot
  • Share option is available.
  1. Trello:

Trello is the most used project collaboration tool. It has the kanban style for managing and improving the project. Moreover, Trello is safe for communicating and sharing information. It’s a free business analysis tool and web application.


  • Can be combined with the present tools
  • Support data synchronization from all devices
  • Permits add a member from Google account
  • Privacy setting accessible
  • It can deactivate member without removing their data
  • With one click, you can send the team’s data or records
  • The facility of making comments, attachments, and further aspects
  • Can use for private work
  1. JIRA:

JIRA is a flexible project control and business analyst tool. You can make stories and arrange things as well. Every business person can take advantage of this tool for ideas, reports, and analysis of the work. Moreover, this tool provides out-of-the-box models to use for particular business requirements.


  • Helpful for tracking simple tasks
  • No need to set up a meeting for seeing projects rank
  • Project management specialty permits corporate website design
  • Operate training programs
  • Support quick review and pre-made report
  • Sprint planning available
  • You can make workflow yourself or use already present
  • Can be linked with the tools you’re using
  1. AXURE:

It is also a business analysis tool that provides functions. You can make wireframes, models, and documents. Professional business analysts, product managers, and technology experts have used the AXURE tool. It is a web browser and desktop application.


  • Easy to utilize
  • Drag and drop option available
  • Many people can go on the same project at the same time
  • Can support Microsoft IIS with Microsoft SQL server
  • For making and managing library app
  • Availability of generating project in HTML and link sharing
  • You can add pic, hyperlinks, text, and tables, etc. for wireframing.
  1. Wrike:

It is a web-based work management technique. The Wrike tool with its mobile apps makes the business analyst work easy and beyond the boundaries.


  • Gives center building blocks of a project
  • Provides live editing & managing options
  • Deadline for seeing the project schedule
  • Helpful in balancing resources
  • Availability of the calendar, communication, and approval window
  • Wrike tool has form and automation request
  • Analysis of reporting of work
  1. Creatio:

It is a low-coded development platform (LCDP). Through this platform, every IT or non-IT person can make an app according to their business requirements. Also, Creatio helps in both on-premise and web-based deployment. Average to large business can avail this tool, which makes it one of the best picks as best analysis tools used by business analyst.


  • Provides customer relationship management (CRM) clarification for sales and retailing
  • Assist your collaboration with customers
  • Specific feature for product list hierarchy
  • Allows out of the box solutions
  • Variety of specialties like opportunity management, automatic document flow, contact center, case management, and analysis


With the use of above mention business tool, business analysts can do their work in clever ways. There are various tools for business analysis in the market, but no one can learn or use all tools. However, every analysis tool has its unique feature and functions. You have to choose the right tool that fulfills the requirement of the business.

We hope this guide to best analysis tools used by business analyst was beneficial for you.

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