There are many privileges of tall height like you can breathe in some clean air when you are in a crowd and people will look up to you anyway. So struggle hard to increase height to be stand out by default. 

Well, apart from a joke, though you are perfect the way GOD has made you but tall height does increase the grace and it is nothing wrong if you admire tall heightened people and want to increase few inches.

If you are happy with your height well and good but if you are desperate to increase a few inches than exercises can be useful.

From losing weight to gaining weight, exercises can be used for various purposes. Along with that, exercises can be done to increase your height.

How to increase height at home?

Most of the people go to gyms and other centres to grow their height but due to busy lifestyles, everybody can’t spare time for the gym. So, we are here to aid you in increasing height with exercises that you can do at home.

 Here are the ten exercises that can be done at home to achieve an increase in height;

1. Pilates Rollover

Pilate’s rollover is the exercise that you can perform at home efficiently. At first, you’ll find it challenging but once you get used to it, you’ll find it easy to perform.

In this exercise, you have to lie down on your back while facing your palms downwards. After lying straight, you have to raise your legs in such a way that they reach the ground while going above your head. You don’t have to move your palms from the mat.

This exercise will stretch your spine and the muscles of your hips. This will resultantly increase your height.

2. Bar Hanging

Bar hanging is also a useful exercise for increasing your height. It decreases the gravitational pull on your vertebrae and is found to increase the height from 1 to 2 inches.

In this exercise, the person will hand himself by a rod in a horizontal position. After that, he will straighten his knees towards the front and let himself hand in there. Due to this exercise, the spine of the person stretches and has a visible effect on height.

To achieve better results, you must perform this exercise almost 20 seconds three times. Weights are added to the ankles for having better and visible results. The results of this exercise are not instant but take some time.

3. Land Swimming

Land swimming is the most performed exercise around the world. This exercise involves the alternative hand and leg movement while lying on one’s belly.

This exercise seems like a person is swimming on land. This exercise also involves the stretching of the spine and the activation of the muscles of the arms and thighs that prove to be effective in height growth.

4. Rope Skipping


This is the most popular and best exercise that can increase your height. This exercise involves the movement and engagement of the whole body that is quite helpful in height growth.

In this exercise, the person jumps around a skipping rope while it moves. Every muscle and cell of the body is activated by jumping, proving to be very useful in height growth.

5. Leg Raise

Leg raise is a simple yet easy exercise that can be easily performed. In this exercise, a person raises his leg in the air while lying on his back. This exercise involves the stretching of the spine and the extension of the muscles, which proves to be helpful in height growth.

6. Pelvic Shift

As the name of this exercise suggests, the pelvic shift helps maintain the real position of the pelvic girdle and spine that has been destroyed while sitting with wrong sitting posture.

This exercise helps in restoring the original position of the spinal cord and the muscle imbalance. In this exercise, you lie down on your back while positioning your palms on the mat facing towards the floor.

Then you bend your knees and raise your lower hip and spine while keeping your shoulders on the floor.

This is the most effective exercise to restore your spine. And it triggers the range explicitly and lowers hips increasing height.

7. Cobra Stretch

Cobra stretch is a type of stretching that involves the upper half you’re your body. In this exercise, you lie down on your belly and your arms you lift the upper half of your body while keeping your lower half and legs on the floor.

This exercise is useful for your spine and shoulders and is entirely sufficient for an increase in height.

8. Single-Leg Hoping

Single leg hopping is the most straightforward exercise that you can perform anywhere. This exercise can be done by hopping on each leg for eight times.

This exercise has multiple advantages. This exercise increases your height and develops your brain, strengthens your legs, and generates growth in your hormones, which is a reason behind height growth.

9. Alternate Leg Kicking

This exercise extends the muscles in your thighs and the lower hip. You can perform this exercise by being in the squats position and then kicking your legs one by one in air. This exercise is also useful for height growth. For more effective results, you have to kick in the air for almost 30 seconds.

10. Standing Stretch

Standing stretch is the exercise that is similar to a vertical bend in many respects, i.e. as in this exercise the spine, and the muscles are stretched.

Moreover, you have to stand straight and then to bend yourself towards your feet. Your knees should remain straight. Do not push yourself beyond your limits and try to stretch as much your body allows you to.

This exercise stretches all your muscles and proves to be effective in height growth.

Can we do yoga to increase our height?

Yes. Just like exercise, yoga is also an effective way to increase your height at home. Here are the top 6 yoga poses that will result in height growth for those who are aware of all the yoga poses.

  • Tadasana
  • Vriksh Asana
  • Sarvang Asana and Head Stand
  • Ustra Asana
  • Paschimotan Asana
  • Ujjayi Pranayama

Is height growth possible by swimming?

Swimming is also an effective way to increase your height. But, along with swimming, you must perform other height growth exercises like cycling and stretch so that the muscles can work more effectively.

In swimming, the stretching of the muscles is involved that helps you in height growth. But before starting swimming, you should consume a healthy meal consisting of proteins and carbohydrates so that the nutrients should keep you going and your muscles can utilize them in growth.

Are there any specific types of swimming that are more effective in height growth than other swimming forms?

Not all swimming forms are indeed effective for height growth. Specifically for height growth, the most effective forms of swimming are the Brest stroke and Freestyle.

These forms of swimming are proved to be more useful to increase height compared to the others. The muscles and the spine in these forms are stretched and working more effectively.

Wrap up:

Height growth is a genetic, but it can be increased by performing practical exercises, yoga and swimming that are triggering the spine and muscles that result in the height’s growth.

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