107 Happy Anniversary Quotes and Wishes to Brighten the Day


Happy Anniversary Quotes and Wishes always enhance romanticism. Whereas, saying it simply is not enough to make your loved one feel special.

A simple happy anniversary quotes along with the Happy Anniversary phrase would make it much more effective and will help you a lot if you are tongue-tied but want to surprise your spouse or partner with your love.  

So have you bought the anniversary card and are confused about what to write on it? Pick your favorite quote from this ultimate list of 107 happy anniversary quotes and wishes to Brighten your day.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Wife:

You can use these elegant phrases to brighten up your day. Make her feel special like you made on the day you first met her. 

These simple yet loving anniversary quotes will make her fall in love with you all over again and will also assure that you still love her the same.

  1. Marrying you was one of the finest things I did in my life.
  2. You’re as beautiful as the first day I saw you and fell in love.
  3. Oh, you are the lady lottery I won with pride and want to keep safe always!
  4. I can’t thank you enough for not holding out for the better.
  5. Among all the love stories of the world! Ours is my favorite.
  6. Happy anniversary to my lady love, our love will grow stronger with every passing day.
  7. There is no phrase and word in the world to express my love for you.
  8. Every day I thank God to see you sleeping next to me. 
  9. You are cookie to my milk, my stud muffin, I love you to the moon and back, happy anniversary to us. May we always stay together with much more love and compassion.
  10. Cheers to the most beautiful woman I have ever met.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband:

Your partner is the one who always makes you feel special and surprise you but deep down he always wants you to express your emotions for him. 

Let’s have a look at some exceptionally romantic Happy anniversary quotes for him.

  1. You are the best relationship I have in my life, I can’t believe I loved you so much for so many years and will keep on till my last breath.
  2. You hold a special place in my heart that nobody can explore ever.
  3. You have always been a rainbow after storms, my soothing place. Thank you for always been by my side. 
  4. Thank you for being the center of my world, you will always be the king of my heart. Happy Anniversary to the most gorgeous man on earth.
  5. I am wholeheartedly, amazingly, exceptionally, passionately, and deliberately in love with you. Happy anniversary to the love of my life.
  6. Thank you for making me feel like butterflies. Oh! I would love to be the butterfly of your garden always. 
  7. I love you for who you are. Your amazing soul and humble words make me feel like the queen of the world. Thank you for celebrating me always. I love you now and forever.
  8. Your love is my only precious possession and when I say I Love You every day, believe me, I do not say it out of habit, I say it because I mean it and I really do. Happy anniversary love.
  9. Marrying you was the best decision I made in my life. You always thrill me with your lively presence. May we always stay together with love. Happy anniversary to my soul mate.
  10. I can still hear the piano and guitar in the background, love is still in the air like it was when we met first. You will always be a special one. Happy anniversary sweetheart!

Happy Anniversary Quotes to wish Couples:

  1. You both look divine together. May you always rock each other’s world. Happy Anniversary 
  2. Happy anniversary to the world cutest couple. You both compliment each other in the best way.
  3. Happy wedding anniversary. May your world be filled with love, joy, and, compassion always.
  4. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple. May you grow old together, cherish every moment of your life and keep annoying each other. Lots of love
  5. Cheers to the two most imperfect people who perfectly fit together! Happy Anniversary to my best friends. 
  6. Happy anniversary to the most cherished couple. You make people fall in love with you. May you both be blessed with togetherness till infinity. 
  7. Have a blissful life with even more cherished moments. Happy Anniversary peeps!
  8. Congratulations! You spend one more year together. Happy perfect anniversary to the perfect couple.
  9. You give a couple of goals to people who know you. Happy Anniversary to the charismatic couple.
  10. Your togetherness in the ups and downs of life has taught me the power of teamwork, the way you cherish each other has mesmerized me with the beauty of relation you share. May you always stay together. Happy anniversary 

Funny Anniversary Quotes: 

Funny quotes and wishes will spark your day with joy. You can write these quotes as your social media status also. 

  1. In my house, I am the boss. My wife is just a decision-maker. Happy anniversary to us.
  2. The secret to our successful marriage should remain a secret. Happy anniversary to us.
  3. Marriage is a very blessed relation where you ask the same question till you die, “do we need anything from the grocery store?”
  4. A Wedding anniversary is a time when two people pause and think. What they were before marriage and surprisingly they were whatever they wanted to.
  5. Dear husband! You are my best secret keeper because I knew you were never listening. Happy anniversary to us.
  6. I would love to share my happy life secret with you all, whenever you are wrong, just apologize

          When you are right, just shut-up

  1. What is marriage? When dating goes too far. 
  2. Marrying a man like you was like I bought my favorite thing while shopping and then after taking you home I realized you don’t go well with everything else. Happy anniversary to us! Cheers
  3. Love is blind so I married you but the marriage was a true eye-opener trust me. 
  4. Happy anniversary to the best first husband I could ever have. 
  5. Congratulations I have not given up on you yet.
  6. I can’t imagine my life without you and Netflix.
  7. We are so made for each other types; just like peanut butter and jelly
  8. People say we will last forever; well may their assumption stay forever.
  9. We are so amazing; together yet two poles apart.
  10. Nothing is complete without you, yes I am incomplete.
  11. I can love you till the end of your life.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Parents:

Parents are the most selfless relation one can ever have who love you unconditionally and limitless. You can make them equally happy by wishing them love on their special day.

  1. I cannot explain what I feel to have you both as my parents. Thank you so much for marrying and bringing me into this world. You made me feel the power of true love. Happy anniversary to the world’s best parents.
  2. Happy anniversary to the people whose love brought life to me. You are the best parents one could ever have. 
  3. Mom and dad, you are my world and my inspiration. I could have not gifted anything better to my kids other than making you their grandparents.  Happy Anniversary.
  4. Dad, I don’t like it when you laugh at mom’s choice; after all, you are one of them.
  5. You both inspire me with your teamwork, love, and wise decisions. I want to be just like you when I’ll become a parent. Happy Anniversary to my sweethearts
  6. In this fake world where love is pretended also you both are true examples of love and dedication. I wish to have a happy married life like you. Happy Anniversary
  7. I can’t thank you both ordinary people to become extraordinary as a couple and giving us a blissful life. Happy Anniversary to the world’s best parents.
  8. You both gave me many jaw-dropping moments, with the sacrifices you make for each other for these long years. I wonder how individuals with so different personalities can love each other with such compassion. I hope to have a married life like you two. Happy Anniversary 
  9. Dad, you have annoyed mom a lot with your silly poetry and the way you sometimes behave like a Bollywood hero but what matters is the sparkle we saw in mom’s eyes as a reaction. Stay super-expressive always. Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple.
  10. I am blessed to have parents like you and to witness your bond getting stronger and your love growing with every passing day, I wonder if I would have this much loved married life. Happy Anniversary mom and dad.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Friends:

  1. I know you both are a weirdo and nobody else could be this much perfect for each other as you both are. I love you both and want to see you both together always. Happy anniversary to my dudes
  2. You both made me believe in the power of love. The way you cherish and support each other is beyond amazing. Happy anniversary to the best couple in the world
  3. Nothing could be better in the world than to marry your best friend but trust me watching them grow together in a relationship is also worth experiencing.
  4. Wishing a happy anniversary to a perfect couple of the world.
  5. May you both be blessed with joy, and love forever. Happy anniversary to my dear friends.
  6.  The way you both completed each other is a mere example of true love and compassion. Have a blessed life always. Happy anniversary dears.
  7. Happy anniversary! You old love birds.
  8. May your bond be filled with sweetness. Long-lasting love like yours is a blessing.
  9. Yours is my favorite love story. Happiest of the Happy Anniversary.
  10. Oh my God, you are still in this together! Love that.

Milestone Anniversary:

  1. Wow, 40 years together! What else would be forever? You two are truly an inspiration.
  2. 50 years of joy, happiness, and togetherness. Happy commitment.
  3. So many years of a strong bond, tough times, and forever memories. This is what a perfect relationship looks likes. 
  4. A big love like yours deserves a big anniversary.
  5. Love would be amazed to get stuck between you two for so many years. 
  6. Love endures everything and you two proved that.
  7. 15 years of love and glory in a relationship is the only desire anyone can have. 
  8. Cheers to the world’s best couple for spending ___ years together with dignity.
  9. You two mean everything to us. Stay together always.
  10. You handled the life with love and life handled you with love. 

Wedding Anniversary wishes for sister/brother:

  1. Dear sister/ brother, you both look perfect together. I wish you both to have a wonderful life together. 
  2. You both were truly made for each other. 
  3. It feels very happy to raise a cup for both of you. Happy anniversary with a lot of love
  4. May God bless you both with eternal happiness.
  5. May happiness and joy be your companion throughout your life. Happy Anniversary to both of you.
  6. I wish you both the best of both worlds. 
  7. You are the most amazing sister/brother in the world. It feels so good to see you deal with your other relations so wonderfully.
  8. You are perfect in every relation. May your family be blessed with eternal happiness and togetherness.
  9. May your relationship be filled with peace and harmony. 
  10. Happy anniversary to the most-loved couple.

Anniversary wishes for boyfriend:

  1. My life is complete with you.
  2. May you always be my sunshine.
  3. You are the reason behind my lively laughter.
  4. Your presence makes me feel special.
  5. We have shared so much together and hope to have more cherished moments with you.
  6. You are my better-in-every-way.
  7. Another year in the warmth of your presence has given so many cherishable memories to me. 
  8. You are the man of my dreams.
  9. I can’t thank fate enough to cross our paths. May we move together on the same path to infinity.
  10. Our love story might not be the one told in fairytales but is surely my favorite.

Anniversary Wishes for Girl Friend:

  1. You are the most beautiful women I have ever come across.
  2. Your love has made me who I am.
  3. I can wait for your companionship till my last breath.
  4. Your loyalty and faith in me have made me a better person. 
  5. I wish to have a life-long relationship with you.
  6. You and I together are something.
  7. I can’t imagine my life without you. 
  8. Everything in the world happens for a reason. Who knows what lies for us in the mystery bag of God. 
  9. I am excited about many things in life and one of them is the future of our relationship.
  10. I want to celebrate every single moment we spend together.

We hope these quotes will cherish your moments. Enjoy your special days with your special ones.

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