11 military hacks that’ll make your life easier


Soldiers have many shortcuts to manage the disciplined life of the army. These warriors have to face various challenges during training and learn unique hacks. Here are 11military hacks that make life easier for non-military people.

1. Duct taping your feet:

Duct tape was first invented to relieve World War 2 soldiers to keep water out of their resource cases. It came, and just army green with its waterproof properties hence has the name “duct tape”. Nowadays, soldiers use it to prevent injuries and calluses caused by those uncomfortable heavy military boots. You can use it if you run long distances for a long time. Just put some strips of tapes on areas of your feet for blisters and those that rub against shoes to decrease friction. Besides, you can put a Band-Aid below the duct tape if you have a wound already.

2. Use of sanitary pad as aid:

You can use women’s sanitary pads to stop the bleeding from the wound on the spot. The purpose of a maxi pad is to absorb the blood flow instantly. According to a study, sanitary pads has called hygienic as the sterile gauze. You have to put the maxi pad on the wound and secure it with duct tape. Moreover, you can use them for sweat absorption in your shoes.

3. Use of sugar to heal wounds:

You can put sugar on wounds to inhibit bacterial infections because bacteria can’t grow in high sugar conditions. It was one of the most popular remedies of ancient times. Apply the sugar paste or sugar powder on the injury before you get a doctor.

4. Running tights:

Running tights can also use for staying warm when you go hiking in a cold place or skating. They are not visible even if you wear them under any pants.

5. Super bright shoes:

Clean and shiny shoes matter a lot for a soldier’s discipline. Here we give you a quick hack to make your shoes super shiny in a short time. Apply shoes polish or shine on your leather boots. After rubbing, let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Now use the lighter or flame on the covered spot to make it shinier. In the last, use a slightly wet cloth to polish the surface.

6.” Cotton and Vaseline” as a fire starter:

We have a quick hack for a fire starter that will help on camping or for a barbeque. You have to put cotton balls in petroleum jelly and throw them on fire and get a steady but strong flame that keeps burning.

7. The trick for losing a tail:

If you notice that some unknown is following while driving, you have to take an emergency trick to save yourself. Take 3 or 4 consecutive turns in a row to divert the attention of the follower. If you still see the asserted person, call the emergency service right away or drive to the nearest police station.

8. Use of energy gum:

Most of the Special Forces use caffeine to stay up at night. Instead of drinking coffee, you can eat military energy gum. One piece of gum contains 100 mg of caffeine, so you can take one gum piece after every 2-3 hours rather than a high dose of coffee that contains 250 mg of caffeine. Chewing a piece of gum has the advantage of increasing mental functions.

9. The military tuck:

If your shirt is a little too big or you have lost some weight and no time to buy a new one. You can use the military “fold-tuck technique “to look crisp and professional in a nil-fitted shirt.

10. Urination in the shower:

Urine has uric acid and ammonia that fight against fungal infections. This trick can also use to treat the injured feet of athletes. Some medical communities have proved it right for an instant spa treatment but, maybe it dirty or controversial for some people.

11. Tie the knot

Soldiers have to wear shoes all the time, but most of us bust them during winter. Slippery patches of ice can cause an ankle sprain. To support your ankle, you can militarily lace your boots. Tie the lace that does not get off for a long time, and it must be in the center. If your lace is left, wrap it around your ankle and then tie it.

Final Verdict:

There are many military hacks to cap cup, but we have listed the 11 most popular military hacks that can be a lifesaver in daily life. These hacks will aid you in dealing with emergencies.





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