5 Best Call Recording Apps of 2021


How can call recording apps be helpful?

Call recording apps for Android can be helpful in various ways.

  • You can record any incoming or outgoing call and can easily save it.
  •  If you have missed some vital information, you can replay the call and note the information you have missed easily.

There are a variety of call recording apps for Android available at Appstore. Also, each call recording app has a unique and different set of features.

 How can we find the best call recording app for Android?

Here is the list of 5 best call recording apps for Android.

Cube Call Recorder ACR App

Cube Call Recorder ACR app is the best for android users. You can easily record any outgoing or incoming call. This app works automatically so, you don’t have to tap on the launch button every time to record a call. This primary feature not only records calls that you make on your network but also on social platforms like Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, etc.

Key features 

  • This app is user friendly. 
  • You have an option to select specific contacts of whom you want to record calls.
  • You don’t have to save every recording manually as the app has an automatic save option for your convenience.
  • All your call recordings are saved via pin lock for keeping the call recordings secure and safe.
  • It has the flexibility to combat a wide range of android devices.

Call Recorder ACR by NLL

Call recorder ACR by NLL is also one of the best call recording apps for android devices. 

The app enables you to easily edit and trim out the spare part from your recordings. You can share these call recordings according to your requirements. Furthermore, the call recorder ACR gives you an option to transcribe your call recordings. 

You can convert the required call recording in the form of text whenever you want to. You can add notes to your call recordings as well. It helps you to change your call recordings into helpful notes.

Additionally, it also has collaboration with the cloud. This feature makes sure that your call recordings remain saved and can’t be misplaced.

Key features 

  • You can save your calls in your preferred format, i.e., you can keep them in mp4, 3gp, Ogg, and so on. You have a bunch of varieties in this respect.
  • Due to its collaboration with the cloud, your calls are automatically saved in your Google Drive.
  • This app has password protection that enables you to access your recorded calls.

Black Box Call Recording App

This call recording app for Android comes with a wide range of unique features. You can easily connect this app with Bluetooth attachments, and it supports them well.

Nonetheless, this app also consists of a cloud backup, making sure that your call recordings are safe. This app consists of other call settings that you can adjust according to your requirement for your ease.

Key features 

  • This app can sort and save your call recordings based on their time, duration, and date.
  • It allows you to keep the desired call recordings and delete the extra call.
  • Moreover, it prevents access from any unauthorized source.
  • The white list provided by this app can help you restrict the call recordings of the contacts that you don’t want to record.
  • Just like the white list option, this app also provides you with making a list of your favourite contacts.

Otter Voice Notes

The wow factor of this particular app is that it has the option of transcribing your call recordings. You can convert the desire to call recordings into texts.

Along with it, this app allows you to import recordings from other apps so that you can save them along with your recordings.

Hence, this app also helps you in recording meetings, lectures, and interviews without any problem.

Key features 

  • Along with call recordings, you can also record different voice notes with this app.
  • You can shortcuts and Widget of this app to easily tap on the launch button whenever you want to record something.
  • You can also share the transcript of your recordings live.
  • This app also gives you different speeds so you can playback your recordings smoothly.
  • This app also lets you record in any group you want.

Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is also one of the best call recording apps for android devices. Moreover, it gives a variety of audio codecs. 

The advanced features enable you to record clearly and with high quality.

Key features 

  • This app has this advanced feature of the audio spectrum that analyzes your audios with a spectrum’s help.
  • The smart voice recorder has no recording limit. Its limit depends on your phone storage.
  • You can quickly start the recording with just one tap on the launch button.
  • It is easy to use and can also record regular voice recordings along with call recordings.
  • A most prominent feature of this app is that it continues recording while the display of your screen is off, which is quite helpful.

5 Best automatic Call Recorder apps

Here are the top 5 automatic call recorder apps;

  • True caller
  • Call Recorder ACR
  • Automatic call recorder by Appliqato
  • Automatic call recorder by RSA
  • Cube Call Recorder ACR

 Call Recording apps only for Iphones:

 Here is a list of the 5 best call recording apps for iPhone.

  • Rev Call Recorder
  • Google Voice
  • Tape A Call Pro
  • Call Recorder app for iPhone by Profuse
  • Call Recorder iCall

All these call recording apps for iPhone provides you with good call recording quality, along with the option of call transcription that helps you to convert your call recordings into texts. Most of these apps connect with the cloud to keeps recordings safe. You can also share these recordings, and each app has its unique feature that will help you further in this respect.

Can we record the calls that we receive on our landline?

Yes, we can also record our landlines.

For call recordings on a landline, we don’t have designed apps but you can use special devices built to record calls on landlines like Tr6002CH USB phone voice recorder, Phone call recorder, and automatic recording telephone equipment.

Final Verdict:

Before choosing the call recording app for your phone, don’t forget to check its rating, reviews, and features. In this way, you can compare and select from the best apps and have the best for you.


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