7 Best Business Simulation Games of 2021


Staring a new business is quite a risk these days. To help you out in this regard, free business simulation games are available to practice and learn business tactics and excel in the market smoothly. Business simulation games have overcome the gaming zone, and people are getting advanced skills through these games. Moreover, management, real competitor ship, and genuine profit or loss assumptions are practices via free online business simulation games.

Business gaming applications have developed team building,  leadership, ownership, and management skills in their players at minimal risk to excel in the real business world. To illustrate, leading a company, owning lands, or managing amusement parks are a few examples to practice and learn via these business simulation gaming applications.

Key Features of Business Simulation Games:

Business simulation games have been developed to improve and enhance business learning skills to let you excel in the market like a professional. These games are beneficial in various ways. A few of them are discussed below:

  • By putting you in the driver’s seat directly, business simulation games allow you to become a true professional who has a wide range of exposure genuinely.
  • All the knowledge written in books or journals is nothing without practice. These business simulation games help you get real practical experience without any serious risk.
  • The procedure of learning is never-ending. So, it takes a lot of time to get into the real practical world. Hence, all these business simulation gaming applications let you learn to do practices as quickly as possible.
  • Getting into a business is not an easy job, especially when there are risks at every end. But, you can get maximum experience with minimal risk with all these free business simulation games.
  • These gaming applications are made to train you while sitting right in front of the laptop or using a mobile. So, you can get instant training without entering into the real business world.

7 the Best Business Simulation Games:

Many free business simulation games are available to be played via PC or mobile phones. In addition, one can play these games online or offline to continue learning and practice without any inconvenience. The list of 7 the best business simulation games is given below:

  1. Two Point Hospital Guide
  2. Cities: Skylines
  3. Airline Tycoon Evolution
  4. Moblab
  5. Open TTD
  6. Tropico4
  7. Supply Chain Management Game

Two Point Hospital Guide:

Two-point hospital guide is one of the top-rated free business simulation games for PCs or androids. Being a hospital administrator in this game, you construct or build a hospital and take care of all managerial responsibilities. Accordingly hiring and training staff, taking care of patient’s health and happiness, and improvising the design and technological advancements are the key responsibilities that you learn and practice via this game.

Furthermore, to run your dream hospital without real experience would be a risk. So, this business simulation game will let you fulfill your dream like a pro undoubtedly. Moreover, if you once want to be a doctor but couldn’t, you can play this game to enjoy and partially live your dream.

Cities: Skylines:

Become a constructor or builder via Cities: Skylines and build your town with free online business simulation games for PCs. This game bases upon the ideology of constructing your town and planning to develop an upgraded city. Being a constructor or builder, the key responsibilities include: constructing residential areas, huge buildings, planting trees, and creating and developing wide roads to reduce traffic headaches.

The Cities: Skylines allows you to be archaic to develop a city. You learn investment, planning, and strategic management via this game. This game also enables you to learn and go through the real pain and effort of developing a well-settled town or city.

Airline Tycoon Evolution:

All the free business simulation games are environment-friendly. Airline tycoon evolution is famous worldwide to know, learn, and practice to become richer and better day-by-day. The key responsibilities are to fly charter planes and to enable people to increase share prices to get profitable results.  Hence, this game helps you practice measure accurate profit and loss statements.


Among the best free business simulation games, MobLab is a well-known company. Many universities and individuals use this game to take help and excel in different subjects via practical studies. This provides knowledgeable games on interesting topics to practice all the concepts. Further, it includes subjects like business, administration, psychology, economics, and administration.


Among business simulation games for android, OpenTTD is another interesting option to pick. It is a multiplayer game wherein all the players make their own transport company to manage all the goods shipments and profits earned through fares of transport business. As many passengers and goods, you would transport, as you would generate much profit. Hence, you will learn to excel in the transportation business via this game before you get into that.


The top-rated and reviewed business simulation game for PC is Tropico4. This game is has a series of 8 parts. A combination of city management and manipulative politics is presented in this simulative game to help you develop a stable city by overcoming all political hurdles. Throughout the series, the main goal is to rebuild an ideal nation comprised of several islands.

Therefore Tropico4 enables you to learn, practice, empower yourself with excellent managerial, team building, and leadership skills that are the most important to run any business successfully.

Supply Chain Management Game:

To improve your learning experience, SCM or Supply Chain Management Game is another interesting free business simulation game for pc and android. However, it has two procedures that include: product supply and its consumption by the end-user. Through this, supply chain management for a successful business needs learning and practice.

Moreover, this learning business simulative application will enable you to learn and practice all the most important and necessary concepts of running an effective supply chain management of productive and vital products. Besides, this application also teaches you to compete with your rivals with a strategist mind and sharp moves.

Final Verdict:

Business Simulation games are for training, practicing, and empowering yourself at minimal risk to excel in the real business world. These games provide you all the genuine and real working experience and strategies to run a successful business. You can learn management, team building, leadership, ownership, business politics, and mind empowerment skills to keep you going in the real and actual business world like a professional.

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