7 Free and Best Android Camera Apps for 2021


The camera in Androids have improved a lot and even cheap phones have good cameras now a day. Fortunately, some free and best Android camera apps are available to enhance the features of a standard camera. 

Here are the 7 free and best Android camera apps can change your picture game radically giving a good shake to your built-in camera. 

1. Google Camera:

Status: Free

It is an official camera app by Google and has a lens blur mode, photospheres, slow motion, video stabilization, and above all is free. 

Other features of the Google Camera app include

  • HDR
  • Night Sight
  • Super Res Zoom
  • Portrait
  • Top Shot
  • Google Lens Suggestions
  • Playground
  • Timer Exposure Bracketing
  • Supports some external microphones

Google camera app supports android 7.1 and higher. The app is mostly found on google devices.  

2. Candy Camera:

Status: Free

We want the best camera in our android to click perfect selfies and the best free app to click a perfect selfie is Candy Camera. 

Candy camera is among the editor’s choice from Google Play Store that will make your selfies flattering than ever. 

It has multiple beautifying filters including;

  • Slimming 
  • Whitening
  • Concealer
  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner 
  • Mascara

The app also has stickers for all events, seasons, and trends. A silent camera allows you to take silent clicks wherever you go without feeling embarrassed.

You can also use these filters in video chats profoundly known as candy call.

Let’s have a look at the official trailer of the app.



3. A Better Camera:

Status: Free & Paid

A better camera is an app with multiple interesting features. A well-organized interface with a palette full of stimulating features will help you click a picture in your signature style. 

A Better Camera offers;

  • Multiple Auto focuses
  • Burst Mode
  • Different Frames
  • Panorama shooting mode
  • HDR
  • QR Scanner
  • Night Mode
  • Multi-Shoot Mode
  • ISO Option
  • White-Balance
  • Timestamp

You can also enjoy multiple recording features like central locking and Introduction. Another exceptional feature of this app is that you can remove any object or person from your picture.

All these features will enhance your picture quality and you will be giving your best shot with every click. Here is the trailer of A Better Camera.


4. Camera MX:

Status: Free & Paid

Camera MX is among the oldest and best android camera apps. The developer’s team is efficient enough to keep the app updated.

This app also offers GIF mode to users. Moreover, the app also offers:

  • Auto Optimization and HD
  • Pause video recordings
  • Time-lapse + Video Recording
  • You can apply filters and effects
  • GPS optional
  • Timer
  • Changeable exposure
  • Mirror Camera
  • Cool pencil and sketch drawing
  • Slow-motion and fast motion
  • Slow down video option
  • Video trimmer


5. Cymera Camera App:

Status: Free and Paid

Cymera is also among old and popular camera apps. This app offers a bunch of stickers, filters, special effects, and the trending beauty camera mode. 

It also has a photo editor to do minor editing with an option to add or remove a particular body feature.

All the basic features are free in this app but you have to pay if you want to enjoy advanced features.

The silent features include:

  • Beauty and sweet camera
  • Photo retouch body editor
  • Real-Time selfie filters
  • Selfie Stickers
  • Collage maker and Posters
  • Layout
  • Add smile
  • Smaller and V-shaped face
  • Body editor
  • Skincare feature
  • Text and MEME
  • Hairstyle and hair color
  • Import directly from google photos.

Know more about Cymera in this video


6. Open Camera:

Status: Free

The open camera as the name explains is open-source for the android camera. The app will help you unlock hidden camera features.

 It is very user-friendly and you can easily adjust scene modes, color effects, screen flash, ISO, and white balance.

You need Android 4.0.3 or better to function open camera app.

The app offers;

  • auto level option
  •  timer
  •  auto-repeat mode
  • selfie with screen flash
  • option to take remote pictures by using voice command
  •  Panorama
  • HDR supported
  • Support for camera2 API
  • Onscreen histogram
  • Focus Bracketing Mode
  • Burst Mode

This is the privacy policy and other general notes by the Open Camera app for different devices.



7. Z Camera

Status: Free

Z Camera is a smart choice for people who love to play with body customization. Using this app you can enjoy body-shaping features, real-time aging, advanced filters, collages, and stylish stickers. 

Other features of Z Camera include:

  • Stylish eye stickers
  • Funny faces swaps
  • Fashionable hairstyle
  • AR stickers
  • Magical Effects
  • Private Z gallery
  • Photo Editor
  • Live Filters
  • Tilt-shift mode
  • HDR
  • 3D Tattoo effect

All the free camera app for Androids have exceptional features and work amazingly. You should explore your Android custom camera first and then choose an app to spice up your Android camera. Explore YouTube for how to download the apps. 


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