7 Popular Etsy Alternatives for Crafty Entrepreneur


Etsy is a household name for crafters, art shoppers and suppliers, but it is not the only option. There are certain Etsy alternatives that are equally worth communicating, selling and buying art and craft supplies.

The question is why one would think of an alternative to Etsy? The reasons are the following struggles that you have to make with Etsy:

  • Etsy fees add up fast that eats away your bottom line.
  • Etsy’s priority to those who offer free shipping in the US.
  • Less search engine visibility if you don’t pay for Etsy ads.
  • Availability of non-handmade goods which kills the motive of site.

Now let’s have a look at the elements to look for in an Etsy alternative site.

What to look for in Etsy Alternative Site?

Below are the elements that you should consider while picking the Etsy alternatives.

  • The e-commerce platform should ne user friendly and precisely beginner-friendly.
  • It should have a supportive community in case you need help.
  • The site should offer customization to avoid unlike a sheep in the crowd.
  • You should have an option to upgrade your monthly plan.
  • It should be affordable.

We have sort out the Etsy alternatives for you to make the search smooth for you.

1. Art Fire:

Art Fire brings buyers and sellers of artistic goods together on a platform. It is home to handmade goods, fine art, vintage, traditional craft supplies, maker-made media and certain designed items.

The website also offers an easy search by category, trends, occasions, colors, and boutique. The listing is free but can be 23 cents per item which is quite low.

 A standard subscription costs $4.95 per month—also, the per-item fee for up to 250 items. Moreover, the website takes 9% of the final sale.

Popular Subscription costs $20 per month, and the Art Fire keeps 3% of the final sale. There is no listing fee for this subscription, and you can list up to 1000 items.

The last subscription is high-end, which costs $40 per month and a 3% final sale. Plus, no listing fee with the listing facility of up to 2500 items.

2. Amazon Handmade:

If you want 300 million people market than Amazon handmade is the place for you. All the products you want to sell on amazon handmade should be made entirely by hand, hand altered or at least hand-assembled.

The listing is free, and you can make as many posts as you want. Additionally, it will cost $39.99 per month plus a 20% cut of every sale.

To get started with amazon hand, all you need is complete an application, create your artisan profile, and make your store. Further, you have to add your items and customize the listings. Set up your shipping policy and add other amazon services for customer convenience.

3. Big Cartel:

Big cartel promotes the creativity and prides on being made by artists, for artists. Big cartel gives four plan options ranging from 5-300 products with additional inventory tracking for $30 per month.

The transaction fee may vary per product, but usually, it is 2.9% and a $0.30. Big Cartel provides more features than Etsy. The on-boarding process is user friendly and is the best place to start a new business.

You can sell items such as t-shirts, ceramics, art supplies, candles, soaps, jewellery, prints, pottery, music, and much more.

4. Shopify:

Shopify allows anyone to set up an online store and is designed for businesses in all sizes. The startup cost on Shopify is really low and has a user-friendly interface.

You can run your store on Shopify for as low as $9 per month. It has almost 800,000 merchants use this platform across the globe.

You can also get a domain name and website design after creating an online store on Shopify even if you have no prior knowledge of website designing.

You can choose from more than 100 store themes. Basic Shopify plan costs $29 per month, a regular account costs $79 per month, and an advanced account costs $299. Shopify offers a plus account for enterprise-level companies for $9 per month but allows sales only through Facebook.


e-craters brings buyer and suppliers together with customized online stores. Registration is free on e-CRATER.

You can get 100% of the sales unless e-crater brings a deal through the main market. In this case, you have to pay 2.9% to e-crater.

Shopify users can also access the community forum where sellers can contact buyers. Also, fellow sellers can share their experiences.

6. I-CRAFT Gifts:

Icraftgifts is the house of handmade gifts. Artists and crafters throughout the world market their products on craft gifts with no transaction or listing fee.

 The site is strict about its values and mission, so it reviews the submitted work sternly. It is really easy to set up a store on craft gifts, and once you get hold of it, you can access the community blog, marketing services, arts and craft events and message boards.

You can sign up for a starter listing plan for $5 per month, and a professional account costs $10 per month. Moreover, an elite account costs $15 per month with a listing of 50, 100 and unlimited products respectively.

7. IndieMade:

Indiemade has everything a marketer can ask, including photo galleries, web hosting, website management, marketing tools and support.

Furthermore, it is a one-stop-store for artists. The site offers four options for product listing.

Basic Option costs $4.95 a month to a Plus option for $19.95 per month. The highest level offers 300 product listing with no listing fee.

You can get a 30-day free trial here.


Bottom Line:

Suppose you wondered where to move from Etsy than the mentioned-above sites can be a great Etsy alternatives. If you are a beginner go for an affordable platform and have a settled and well-running business, you can opt for platforms like Shopify Lite.

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