Organic Beauty Products VS Synthetic Make up


Organics are demanded everywhere in modern times, either it is food or fashion. That is why organic beauty products are a hot topic these days. Moreover, there are zero toxins in organic products. These products are recommended by dermatologists as well.

Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Beauty Products

There are so many damages that are caused by synthetic beauty products. So, you should avoid using these products because of the following reasons:

  1. These contain harsh and harmful ingredients that make your skin premature.
  2. Synthetic makeups are more likely to cause ageing.
  3. Furthermore, chemicals like sulphur, mercury, which can cause skin problems.
  4. People cannot use these products for long periods as their skin becomes habitual, more like a drug.
  5. These products are not safe to use as they are less environmentally friendly and more artificial.

Reason to Use Organic Beauty Products

There are many reasons to choose organic beauty products over synthetic to make up, but most important are as follows.

  1. Organic Ingredients

All the products of synthetic make up that we use are made up of harmful chemicals. When these chemical gets absorbed in our skin, it reacts drastically. Whereas, Organic products are healthy products, which do not harm the skin when utilized.

Organic products consist of fruits and flowers’ extract. That is why applying organic makeup is a new average these days. People are frequently searching organic product suppliers to know where and how to buy them.

  1. Avoid Premature Aging

Using organic beauty products helps you to avoid premature ageing of your skin as well. These products compose antioxidants and other mineral-rich substances that help your skin avoid getting damaged by environmental pollution.

On the other hand, the chemicals used in synthetic make up can cause severe problems to your skin. Long term use of synthetic products makes your skin patchy, wrinkled, extra sensitive and dry, rough, and prematurely aged.

  1. Less prone to Allergies

Synthetic makeup contains harsh chemicals that can cause severe allergies, inflammation or irritation to your skin. Organic beauty products contain chemical-free ingredients that help the skin breathe properly.

All the people with oily skin can relate to this that if the pores on your skin are clogged, it causes worse reactions, such as pimples, irritation, and redness. But organic products help to clear the skin and cure all said problems as well.

  1. No Use of Harsh Chemicals

All synthetic beauty products contain components that are harsh substances that are harmful to the skin. For instance, mercury is a ubiquitous ingredient in makeup products that affect the skin’s pores and causes inflammation.

On the other hand, organic beauty products contain natural and environment-friendly ingredients best for skin in all ways. All the minerals utilized in these products are less likely to damage the skin and make your skin fresher and brighter.

  1. Guaranteed Healthy Skin

All the synthetic products contain artificial ingredients, and preservatives are added to them to keep for long periods.

Organic products include fruits and flowers’ extracts, minerals and other natural ingredients. Such ingredients help to make your skin more fresh, bright, glowing, healthy, and young. Organic products fulfil your need and demand for making your skin better than ever

  1. Safe to Use

All people ask and research for one question that why organic products are better to use? The answer to this question is straightforward. They are environment and skin-friendly.

Less use of chemicals will result in less damage. All the natural ingredients used in organic products are safe to use. They are not harmful to any age-group. You can use them ever because there are no chemical components.

  1. Compatible to All Skin Types

Mostly Organic products are compatible with all skin types. Their long term use does not harm your skin, unlike synthetic makeup products. Their long term use does not harm your skin, unlike synthetic makeup products.

Naturally and organically made cosmetics help women with all skin types to get healthier, fresher, brighter and younger-looking skin.

Top 10 Organic Beauty Products

This modern age is more about organics. Though all branded makeup products are available worldwide, organic beauty products are the talk of the town. People are always searching for the best products, so here is a list of the top 10 organic beauty products for your convenience;

  1. 100% Pure
  2. ILIA
  3. Juice Beauty
  4. Vapour
  5. Chiltanpure
  6. Kishmish Organics
  7. Izmir Beauty
  8. Coco Kind
  9. RMS Beauty
  10. Kosas

How to Make Organic Beauty Products?

Many people are searching one question: how they can make organic beauty products themselves or at home. The answer to this question is straightforward: of course, you can make many organic beauty products at home.

But there is a twist in the story that making organic products with natural extracts and minerals is quite challenging and time-consuming. That is why it is best to buy organic products from the market or online, as they are readily available everywhere.

Best Suppliers for Organic Beauty Products

Many online websites are providing you with the best Organic beauty products at your doorstep. The links to a few of them are given below:

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Final Thoughts

People are turning towards organics in all subjects of their lives as science has proved that organics are best for all living and non-living things. So, using organic beauty products is much safer than other synthetic ones to keep your skin fresher, brighter, younger, healthier, and glowing.

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