7 Ways to Increase Followers on Instagram


If you are working hard on your posts and still can’t get enough followers on your Instagram handle, don’t worry. We are here to guide you with the 7 ways to increase followers on Instagram. So let’s get started.

7 Ways to Get Followers on Instagram:

Make it clear to yourself that followers alone cannot give you a successful Instagram account. You have to make a proper strategy to increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your page and increase the selling of products or services.

If you are starting from scratch, try to know your audience, their age, interests, geographical presence, frequency to use Instagram, and challenges they are facing.

1. Optimize your Instagram Account:

The first step you should take is to optimize your Instagram account fully. Your brand homepage should have a proper bio, user name, and a profile image. 

Pro Tips:

  • Go for a business account for your Instagram.
  • Try to keep your user name as friendly as possible and keep it close to your brand name.
  • If your brand name is more extended, make it shorter to something that your followers can recognize.
  • Use a profile tracking link.
  • Your Instagram profile should make a statement, and to do so, you can create a multi-grid collage. It will provoke many to visit your Instagram page to see the full image out of curiosity. 
  • Try to invest in an analytic tool to keep an account of the best time to post, check the performance of URL links, and determine which was the most resonate post.

2. Keep a Consistent Content Calendar:

You should not be posting too much in a day as it sounds spam. Just make a calendar of posts per day with the kind of content you want to post. It is advisable to make one post per day.

 As a marketer, it is wise to build a thoughtful sequence of unified Instagram content to create a profile that puts a comprehensible brand narrative forward.

Pro Tips:

  • Make a proper content strategy and document it.
  • Let your content writers know about the strategy. 
  • Your content should be able to brainstorm the topic.
  • The next thought should be to put your topics on the calendar.
  • Choose relative images and write captions.
  • Roster and automate your posts.
  • Occasionally post the content that is meant to be re-shared.

3. Try live videos, stories, and videos:

Live stories and videos have changed the marketing game. It is now possible to market your product or services without spending much. These live videos and stories can do wonders to increase your Instagram followers also.

Compare to images, videos, live videos, and stories are more engaging.

Pro Tips:

  • Plan to make your Instagram live video successful.
  • Your focus should be your audience.
  • Stick to your brand recommendations.
  • Collaborate with your team and plan surprises like bringing surprise guests.
  • Be real.

4. Showcase your Instagram account everywhere Possible:

Make sure your Instagram account is synched with your website and vice versa. All your social media handles should have an Instagram link.

Let people know where they can approach you to increase your following. 

Pro Tips:

  • Give your Instagram link on all the social media platforms you are active on.
  • Use creative content like IGTV, reels, and stories to attract your audience toward your Instagram account.

5. Prioritize the content that your followers want to see:

Keep a close eye on every trending Instagram post, and here is where the analytical tool will aid a lot. Every little detail is essential to take one step ahead. To increase followers on Instagram you need to make your audience happy.

Pro Tips:

  • Spy your competitors.
  • Ask followers to comment under the post about what they want to see or ask.

6. Use quality hashtags:

Hashtags are one of the essential tools to make the image or story expose to a larger audience. The popularity of hashtags on Instagram has even made it possible to search for hashtags. Moreover, you can use nine hashtags to grow a fast following.

Pro Tips:

  • Use tools like display purpose, auto hash, and focal mark to search the relevant hashtag.
  • Don’t include the hashtags blindly. Just be wise while selecting the appropriate hashtag.
  • Avoid using spammed, repetitive, and banned hashtags.
  • Make sure that you understand what a particular hashtag means.

7. Host Contests:

Contests are the best way to excite the audience. The audience will further provoke friends and family to participate in the fun contests. This thread of contestants might make them a permanent follower of your Instagram page. 

Pro Tips:

  • Be clear about your goals and objectives to plan a contest.
  • Create a proper entry method to participate in the competition.
  • Find the perfect hashtag for your contest.
  • Define a theme of the contest.
  • Make a prior decision of how a winner will be selected.
  • Choose a worthy giveaway or prize.
  • Clear the terms and conditions of the contest to participants.
  • Promote the competition to its fullest. 

Wrap Up:

Getting or increasing followers on Instagram is both science and arts. Through minor tips and tricks, you can grab a larger audience. We hope the mentioned-above ways will help you to increase followers on Instagram

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