Best Documentaries on Netflix to Must Watch


Documentaries are an exciting and useful way to get an in-depth knowledge of specific topics. Netflix has come up with a huge amount of choice when it comes to documentaries. Let’s have a look at the best documentaries on Netflix to must-watch.

1. American Murder; The Family Next Door:

This Netflix Original documentary relies on the real incident that took place with the unfortunate family of Shanann Watts.

The lady along with her two daughters disappears mysteriously in Colorado. The husband of Shannan is the prime suspect who unfolds the horrible events.

The director Jenny Popplewell uses archival footage, including law enforcement recordings, home video footage, text messages, and social media posts. The documentary is a crime story and a story of betrayal, deceit, domestic violence, and the deception of social media.

2. 13th:

13th is another Netflix original documentary that discovers the relationship between US history and racial inequality. The name 13th derives from the thirteenth amendment to the US constitution. The constitution prohibits slavery and the order to free all those who were captive.
The documentary, however, shows that there is still racial inequality for black people in different setups.

The director Eva Duvernay has successfully infuriated us and provoked us to raise our voice against a system that is egregious to fellow citizens.

3. The Keepers:

The keepers is the story of a mysterious vanishing and murder of a 26 years old Nun Cathey Cesnik. The 1969 unsolved murder mystery of a nun uncovers the horrifying truths. Moreover, it is suspected that she was murdered, trying to put a stop to sexual abuse that was going on at all-girls Archbishop Keough High school.

Father Joseph Maskell was alleged by women to force students to perform sex acts on him and his guests. The documentary will depress you at some point but depicts sister Cathey Cesnik as a hero who was trying to fight evil.

4.  Casting JonBenet:


Colorado was shocked in 1996 by the mysterious murder of a six-year-old pageant queen, JonBenet Ramsey. Though, the murder create hype in the media and became one of the world’s famous child murder case; still, the murderer remains unidentified.

This documentary got nominated for Sundance film festival for Grand Jury Prize.

5. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel:

Elisa Lam was a blogger and fashion photographer. She disappeared suspiciously on January 31, 2013.

On February 14, her body was found naked in the water tank of the hotel rooftop. She was last recorded by CCTV in the elevator of the Cecil hotel. Moreover, she has a history of a mental disorder called bipolar disease. The incident was later declared the accident resulted in a psychological disorder.

The documentary is very engaging, hence leaves the viewer with many queries at the end.

6. Take your Pills:

Trying to enhance performance, people use drugs like Adderall and Ritalin. The US is believed to have the craze of prescription stimulant. The abuse of stimulant medication and its effects are discussed in the documentary.

The fear of getting into trouble make people use this performance-boosting drug.  The pressure on people to be productive make them use this illegal method. The documentary has an in-depth analysis of the usage of these drugs, the negative impacts, and the risks involve in taking them without prescription.

7. What Happened; Miss Simone:


Miss Simone was a legend and this documentary deals with her achievements as an American singer, and as a civil right activist. This black woman was honest, courageous, and genius. Moreover, she fought with mental illness.

Being one of the fiercest personalities in her generation, the documentary seems to do justice with this anti-racist iconic figure.

8. Strong Island:

The documentary is about the murder of the director’s brother, who was a homicide victim. Being a black man, he was killed unjustly and never got justice.

Moreover, the documentary portrays the grief and outcomes of racial injustice. It got nominated for Oscars. The story has a lot of emotional moments that will leave you in tears.

9: Flint Town:

Flint town is a community of 100,000 people. The police are trying to maintain the law in the city. Moreover, it is the most violent city where people trust the law a little.

The crumbling infrastructure and dwindling resources make the cops struggle hard to take control. The lack of water and crippled violence increase their hurdles.

10. Crack; Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy:


In the 1980s and 1990, cocaine became cheap and was available in bulk. The documentary not only deals with a crime but also the destructive effects of drug usage in people, family and the community. Also, it is a lot more than personal devastation; a reality of racial biases, exploitation and manipulation.

Final Verdict:

It won’t be wrong if we say that Netflix has successfully gathered people’s attention toward documentaries. The form of art which needed attention and thankfully got one. Netflix has various documentaries on the platform to watch. The above-mention were some of the best documentaries on Netflix to watch.

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