Best Wooden Toys for Toddlers 2021


Wooden toys are more reliable and long-lasting as compare to plastic. These wooden toys get a sentimental value when passed through generations.

You can select a wooden toy according to the age and interest of your child. Let’s have a look at the best wooden toys for toddlers in 2021.

Top Bright Ramp Racer:

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If your child is a car lover, this is the best wooden toy for you. It is a racing toy with four racing cars and a four-layered ramp to zoom the vehicles down.

This ramp racer will sharpen your child’s hand-eye coordination and tracking skills. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact and will adjust in any space. It is best for a 3+ age.

Melissa and Doug Add and Subtract Abacus:

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Add and subtract abacus is seen almost in all Montessori classrooms, but it is also ideal for home use if it will enhance your child’s math skills, color, and pattern recognition.

This abacus comes with an interchangeable board so you can select from addition, subtraction, or color matching. It is suitable for 3+.

Melissa and Doug See & Spell:

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See, and Spell is ideal for your child if he is 4+ and has started recognizing alphabets. It comes with an eight double-sided cutout board. The colorful pictures will excite your child to identify them and fit the word indicated on each board.

Discover My Busy Town Activity Cube:

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This activity cube has five sides, and each side has a different activity. It keeps children busy for hours and helps them to improve their color recognition and letters.

The cube also has spin and match animal features to develop your child’s matching skills. This wooden toy is suitable for 12 months and above.

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pounding Wooden Bench:

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This wooden bench has a mallet and range of pegs on the bench that moves up and down. These pegs are available in different colors.

It is best to enhance your child’s color recognition and motor skills. The child has to hit the pegs before they get down the mallet.

This wooden bench is best for a child age 24 months_4 years.

Wooden Tool Box:

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This wooden toolbox is child friendly and comes with 43 solid pieces. This toolbox is ideal if your child likes to manipulate things and is easy to take along as it comes in a convenient size.

The toolbox is appropriate for children age three and 3+.

Hape Wooden Doll House:

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Dollhouses are evergreen, and wooden dollhouse is even more long-lasting. The hape wooden dollhouse is 2 feet tall and has six different rooms.

This triple story dollhouse also comes with furniture and is painted in non-toxic water-based paints. It is recommended for children up to 3 years.

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Activity Center:

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This activity center has four quadrants and has sensory toys, including bead mazes and gliders for your tot.

This wooden toy can enhance your child’s nursery and keep him/her busy for a long time. It is appropriate for a child above 12 months.

Melissa and Doug_ Dust, Sweep and Mop:

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Children love to clean up, especially with real mops and sweeps. If your child also loves to clean, this is a go-to choice for your kid.

This kit has a mop, broom, dustpan, brush, and duster. It comes with a suitable stand to hang things when not in use. They are very lightweight and can be easily maneuvered around the house.

It would be suitable for children age up to 18 months.

Melissa and Doug Toddler Geometric Stacker Toy:

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This geometric stacker toy has 24 wooden pieces that are available in different shapes and colors. It is high-quality and develops your child’s coordination and motor skills.

Your child will enjoy building structures, and it will lead to better eye and hand coordination.

 It is best for kids up to 24 months to 4 years.

These toys are high-quality and will be your child’s companion for a long time. Try to avoid giving them gadgets and indulge them with these interactive learning toys.

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