How to create an Amazon Affiliate Account Step By Step?

A Guide to create Amazon Affiliate Account.



This content will provide you an insight into how to set up an Amazon Affiliate account

What is Amazon Affiliation?

Amazon Affiliation is a very simple procedure used to monetize a website or a blog. Amazon Affiliates are profoundly known as Amazon Associates. 

An owner of the website or a blog posts links of Amazon products on their websites or blogs, and gets a commission from Amazon. It is a referral-based program where the affiliate or associate gets a commission per sale. It is a very smooth give and takes procedure where affiliates get the commission and the merchant gets access to a wide market. 

Affiliate marketing is totally performance-based and the affiliates get a chance to be part of e-commerce without establishing or maintaining any store. There are 3 basic types of Affiliate marketing.

  1. Pay-per-sale
  2. Pay-per-click
  3. Pay-per-lead

Whether you are an entrepreneur or just thinking to start your blog, Amazon affiliation will be beneficial for you. The following guidelines should be kept in consideration before you dive in to avoid any unpleasant incident.

  1. You have to disclose the fact on your website or during the conversation that you may be eligible to earn from the recommendations you make.
  2. Remember that you cannot make any sort of deceptive or false claims in your recommendation about the product.
  3. The prices of the products change frequently on Amazon so avoid referring to prices.
  4. You cannot use Amazon affiliate links for any offline promotions, e-books, or email.
  5. Never use link shorteners on affiliate links.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program Work?

Suppose that you own a beauty blog and have reviewed the best available moisturizer in the market. You have also placed an Amazon link if anyone wants to purchase the moisturizer and the buyer makes a purchase within 24 hours of the click then you will get the commission per purchase by Amazon.  

Here is the link to the policy for Amazon Affiliates.  

Ultimate Guide to Create Amazon Affiliate Account?

1. Create A Website or Blog:

The first thing required to step into Amazon Affiliation is to have an active website, blog, app, or YouTube channel. The website should appear active and should have populated content to make it look authentic to both users and Amazon. 

Don’t forget that you have to describe the purpose of making this website in the application, so you have to be very clear about your targeted audience and how you will bring traffic to your website.

2. Visit the Amazon Associates Homepage:

The next step after having an active website is to your Amazon Associate Account. First thing is to visit the Amazon Associates Homepage and click on Join Now For Free.  You will be prompted to log in to your existing Amazon account or create a new one.  

3. Build Your Amazon Affiliate Profile:

Once you are done with making an account the next step is to build your profile. Click on the new customer option and follow the prompts to build your profile. 

4. Account Information:

Increase the authentication of your account by including your name, address, and phone number.  

5. Website(s) and Mobile app List:

In this step, you have to enter your website URL(s) and your mobile app URL(S).

6. Enter your Preferred Associates Store ID:

You need to enter your preferred associate’s Store ID which is usually the same as your primary website name. In this step, you will have to explain what your website or mobile app is about. You will also have to select Amazon links that you hope will target the audience on your website. 

7. Driving Traffic:

In this step you need to explain how you will drive traffic to your website, how do you utilize your websites and apps to generate income, how do you usually build links, and how many visitors come to your website per month.

8. Enter your Phone Number:

At this point, you need to enter your mobile number press the call button, and wait for the immediate call response by Amazon. You will be asked to enter the 4-digit code and upon completion, you will get approval for your account. 

9. Payment Method:

Now you will get an option to enter your payment method and tax ID information now or later. Then you need to proceed to your dashboard.

10. Create Amazon Affiliate Link: 

You will get access to your personal Associate homepage once you have successfully created the account. Here you will find your performance dashboard.

It is easy to build an Amazon affiliate account but you need to understand the mantra of making an Amazon Affiliate website successful to take maximum benefits. Following are the things to remember to replicate your success.

  • Choose a niche for your website wisely considering commission rates, estimated traffic requirement, estimated traffic potential, and estimated competition.
  • Do a keyword search including keyword search for blog reviews, and products.
  • Include product roundup, product reviews, and blog posts to your content.
  • SEO is the method to drive maximum traffic to your website.

Wrap up:

We hope that this step by step guide to creating an Amazon Affiliate account was useful and will help you to build your account successfully. 

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