How to Join Zoom Meetings by Phone


The current pandemic created by COVID-19 has turned the system of the world upside down. We have compromised on many things. Including restricted movements to prevent the spread of this deadly virus and using apps to make our children take classes and several other meetings (for the working-class). Moreover, many apps, like Google Classroom and Zoom, have been used like never before. Zoom meetings have played a vital role in bridging the gap among schools and children and offices and employees.

Also, it has been quite challenging for less-technology-friendly people to cope with this situation. They have to download apps like zoom and create zoom id to proceed with zoom meetings. There were many who didn’t have access to android. They cannot connect to a network or computer audio, or didn’t have a speaker and microphone on their device.

So, we thought of making it easier for you by providing this guide on how to join the zoom meeting by phone (telephone). Yes, you read it right we will guide you to the easiest way to get connected with zoom meeting via using a regular phone.

How to Join the Zoom Meeting by Phone?

Know that only Host of the meeting can allow you to join the meeting using the regular phone for the scheduled meeting. If the meeting host is using a desktop for the webinar or meeting and join with audio and video. Whereas, you want to make it audible using phone and see the video on desktop than;

  1. You would be prompt to join the audio after joining the zoom meeting. If you didnt recieve any such prompt then go to meeting controls and click Join audio.
  2. Press the phone call tab and follow the following instructions.
  • click on the country/region drop down menu and select the region or country you are calling from.
  • Call the number provided by host.
  • Enter your meeting Id along with the # at the end.
  • Enter your participant id with # followed.
  • Also, enter the passcode if prompted and you will get connected.

How to Join a Zoom Meetings Using Phone Only:

To join the Zoom meeting using phone only you have to;

  • Dial a number (in-country), from your meeting ID invitation. Carrier rates will apply if you will add toll number.
  • You will recieve a prompt to enter meeting ID provided by the host followed by #.
  • You will be prompt to wait by pressing #,  if the meeting has not been started by the host yet.
  • Or, you may be prompt to enter the unque participant identity which you can ignore by pressing #.
  • Congratulations you are in the meeting.


  1. How to join Zoom meeting using Android?

You can easily join zoom meeting via using android. Id you have installed Zoom app;

  • Launch the app and click on Join.
  • Enter the meeting ID on the prompt box.
  • Add a display name afterward.
  • click on the join button, you are in the meeting now.

Wrap Up:

You can join Zoom meeting or webinar using phone with desktop video and also by phone only. We hope this guide was helpful. Goodluck.



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