How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes (10 ways)


Smoking is injurious to health. Yes, we know you have read this label many times, but it is not enough to provoke you to quit smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of liver cirrhosis, lungs cancer, and likely to die 10-13 times from COPD than nonsmokers and what you have not heard from people who love you unconditionally. Anyway, here we are with ten ways on how to quit smoking cigarettes. Let’s get started without any ado:

10 ways on how to quit smoking cigarette:

Tobacco resistant is one of the complex tasks to achieve, but it’s not impossible. It only takes 10-15 minutes to pass that phase, and the striking urge of tobacco will go away. Every time you succeed in resisting the desire, you are one step ahead of leaving it for good.

1. Identify Tobacco Triggers:

The first step in starting your tobacco-free journey is identifying the factors and situations when you have the most craving to chew or smoke tobacco. It might be in parties or bars, friends gatherings, stressful situations, excitement or anxiety etc. 

Some people even have smoking desire while talking on the phone. Well, always keep a paper and pen with you and whenever you are going through the resistant phase, start doodling. Or occupy yourself in some activity to let these critical 10-15 minutes pass. 

2. Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy:

If you are really serious about quitting smoking, you can seek professional help. Ask the doctor about therapies for nicotine replacement. The possibilities are that the doctor might:

  • Prescribe you an inhaler or nasal spray. 
  • lozenges, gums or nicotine patches for intense cravings.
  • or nicotine stopping medicines, i.e. Verenicline or bupropion.

Nowadays, people have also started using electric cigarettes as a replacement, but no evidence proves that electric cigarettes are healthy.

3. Convince yourself to Delay:

Another worth trying way is to convince yourself to delay the urge of smoking for 10 minutes; This would be helpful when you have an intense longing, and you want to pass it. Distract yourself somewhere to delay your craving. Going to a smoke-free zone or public places is a good option.

4. Chew Chew Chew:

To avoid craving, another worth trying practise is to keep your mouth busy. Chew sugarless gums, raw carrots, hard candy, sunflower seeds or nuts. The crunch will satisfy your craving. 

5. Don’t Let Yourself Fool You:

The most foolish thing that a smoker does while quitting the smoking-process is fooling himself/herself by saying this is his/her last cigarette. When you have an intense desire for tobacco, you convince yourself that you can have a last one. This is where you go wrong and leave the track. Having just one will lead to another and then another and goes on. 

6. Physical Activity:

An interesting fact about physical activity is that it can reduce the urge and intensity of smoking. Go for a jog, jumping jacks, deep knee bends, squats, or climb stairs up and down to let the longing fade away. 

7. Relaxation Techniques:

Besides the other tensions of daily life, a pathway to quitting smoking is stressful itself. To help your body relax, you can try some relaxing techniques like yoga, deep breathing, massage, calming music therapy or visualization. 

8. Ask for Reinforcement:

Share with your friend or family member about your struggles in quitting smoking. Ask him/her to give you company. Go for a walk with him/her, share jokes, have laughter therapies, or have a chat on the phone or one-to-one.

9: Keep Reminding yourself that you are moving Toward a Healthy Lifestyle:

You can resist tobacco cravings by reminding yourself again and again that you are quitting smoking for a reason. You can also save the money in the moneybox that you usually spend on tobacco and buy yourself a gift at the end of the month. 

10. Seek Online Help:

The 10th technique on how to quit smoking cigarette is by joining the online program stop-smoking or read a quitters blog. Also, you can talk to a thriving quitter and ask him about his struggles. This will motivate you that you can even quit if someone else can. Keep your spirit high, and keep trying these techniques.

Wrap up:

Quitting smoking is a stressful process, but once you learn to distract yourself from intense craving will aid you a lot. We hope this guide on how to quit smoking cigarettes will help. Good luck with your journey. We know you can do it!

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