How to Stop Nail-Biting? 7 Tips to Break the Habit


How many times have you slapped on your kid’s hand when he/she is biting nails? You must have tried several times to stop them from this annoying habit. Today we will tell you about the effective ways to stop nail biting in adults and kids.
Nail-biting is a habit that is generally found in 20 to 30 per cent of the world’s population. Some categorize it as a bad habit, while others consider it a symptom of anxiety, nervousness, or depression.
Nail-biting is mostly observed in children, teens, and also some adults and is hard to overcome.
Oncyhophagy, which is generally termed nail-biting, is a compulsive habit.
Since the origin of this habit is not exact, so everyone has his/her prediction. Some recommend it as a symptom of anxiety and nervousness, while others categorize it as a time pass habit.
Almost 50% of teens are actively involved in nail-biting. Some successfully grow out of this habit, but others are stuck with it until adulthood.
The nail-biting addicts are sometimes totally unaware of the surroundings as some celebrities have been spotted candidly while biting their nails.

Ways to stop nail biting

Some people want to get rid of it, while others tend to live with their nail-biting habit. But as overall, nail-biting is not a good habit, it can cause various problems to your hygiene and your hands, skin, nails, and teeth.

To avoid such circumstances, here are some ways that you may find useful to stop nail biting;

1. Be aware of the reason.

To get rid of something, you must be aware of the driving forces behind it. Those who perform nail-biting due to boredom should involve themselves in different activities to get themselves bored.

Furthermore, those who have nervousness and anxiety issues must consult a specialist to overcome this annoying habit. 

The driving force behind stop nail-biting will become the cause of leaving it. But you have to sort it out in first place.

2. Talk to your close friends.

Talking to close friends can be the best way to get over your bad habits. As your friends know you well and can help you deal with different kinds of situations, they can help you get over this habit too.

To my utmost surprise, almost 95% of the people had succeeded in getting rid of this bad habit only by discussing and consulting their friends.

3. Make your nails taste bad

 One of the most known and recommended ways to eliminate biting nails is to make your nails taste bad. By doing so, the sour taste will disgust you from putting your fingers and nails in your mouth. Due to which you can easily stay away from biting your nails without much ado.

You can put jalapenos, ginger, garlic, salt, or anything with a bitter bad taste that’ll disgust you. In this way, if you accidentally put your finger in your mouth, you’ll feel the bitter taste, and you’ll avoid putting your fingers in your mouth.

4. Keep your nails trimmed:

Trim your nails, so you have nothing to bite even if you want to. 

Is there any way to stop biting your nails in 9 minutes?

The ways enlisted above are quite a long term as you have to give time to adopt and live according to the methods for a long time to avoid the habit of nail-biting.

But some people are always in a hurry and want instant relief from this habit. Here are some ways by which you can stop biting your nails in 9 minutes.

Make up your mind

The easiest and instant way to get rid of biting your nails in 9 minutes is to make up your mind that you don’t have to bite your nails. You can think about all the germs and the places where you use your hands.

You can also consider that you use your hands while washing yourself, and as you have outgrown nails, you might have germs that might be hidden in them. Once you consider what kind of germs are there on your hands and nails, you’ll avoid putting your nails in your mouth again.

Applying Band-Aids

Applying band-aids is also a quick and effective way to stop biting your nails in 9 minutes. You can apply band-aids on your nails.

In this way, if you put your fingers in your mouth, you won’t be able to have access to the ends of your nails, in order failing to bite your nails.

Chewing Gum

Most people have this habit of biting their nails because they like to chew and keep their mouth working even though they aren’t eating anything. For that purpose, having chewing gum is the most effective and easy way to stop biting your nails in 9 minutes.

Also, it keeps your mouth busy, so you have no way to put your fingers or nails in your mouth.

Use of Anti – Nail Biting Products

For the most instant and effective method, you can use anti-nail biting products like Nail polishes and serums that can help you stop biting your nails in 9 minutes.

Numerous products are available over the internet and in stores that can help you get rid of this habit. 

What are the most useful tips to stop biting your nails?

From all the ways and tricks we have discussed above, some useful tips that can help you stop biting your nails are mentioned below;

  • It would help if you considered that nail-biting is a bad habit, and it can cause health issues.
  • Think of all the germs that might be in your fingers and nails that can disgust you.
  • Try to keep yourself busy in other activities involving hands and fingers, so you don’t get time to bite your nails.
  • Reward yourself whenever you observe that you are avoiding this habit. Similarly, punish yourself whenever you realize yourself performing this bad habit. 

How can we find out the useful products that avoid you from biting your nails?

Due to the advancement and technology, we have ease and excess to everything we want quickly. Some of the most influential and useful products are mentioned below;

ORLY (Nail biting deterrent)

ORLY is a product widely used to avoid the habit of nail-biting around the world. It has a gel application with a bitter taste but no smell that avoids you putting your fingers and nails in your mouth. Hence, ORLY is an instant and effective way to stop nail-biting.

Mavala Switzerland (stop nail-biting polish)

Mavala Switzerland is a well-known anti – nail biting polish that is famous and used the most worldwide. It is just like a transparent nail polish but with a bitter lousy taste that can put you in disgust and avoids you to bite your nails.

Nail Quail (strong will Anti – Nail biting click pen)

Nail Quail is also a good and recommended product to avoid nail-bitingly. This product comes in the shape of the pen. You only have to open the pen cap and apply the effect on your nails. This product helps you to stop biting nails and making your nails strong that makes you avoid nail-biting.

Monarch Herbs (B-Tidy Nail Biting Hand Sanitizer)

Monarch Herbs is a multi-purpose hand sanitizer that also performs the purpose of the anti-nail biting product. This hand sanitizer is specialized in avoiding nail-biting due to its pungent smell and disgusting taste.

All the products mentioned above are proven effective in avoiding the habit of nail-biting around the world.

Bite-up! Oh I mean Wrap up:

Nail-biting is not a good habit as it can cause you a lot of health and skin problems. It can also lead you towards more significant issues like not dealing with anxiety and nervousness.

It would help if you try to utilize these tips and ways to get rid of this bad habit to live your life healthily and happily.

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