How to Verify your YouTube Channel in 2021


YouTube is a well-known social media platform that is widely used for watching and sharing videos. You can see educational videos as well as the fun stuff. People are considering YouTubers as professionals and follow them seriously. Moreover, many Youtubers have become celebrities and influencers, and many television and film celebrities have started their YouTube channels. There is no second opinion on the significance of YouTube in today’s world. So, here we will guide you on how to verify your YouTube channel.

Guide to Verify Your YouTube Channel in 2021:

YouTube is no rocket science. Therefore anybody can learn to make a channel and verify it by following simple instructions. Let’s began with the step-by-step guide to verify your YouTube channel:

  • The first thing is to enter your phone number for verification of the channel. YouTube will send you a verification code via message or call.
  • Enter the given code, and Google will verify your channel. 

Once your channel successfully goes through the verification process, you can upload videos (15 minutes), live stream, add custom thumbnails, and appeal content ID claims. Moreover, if you don’t receive the code, immediately check the following possibilities:

  • If your mobile carrier supports Google text messages?
  • Do you have too many accounts registered on this number?
  • Whether you belong to a densely populated area where infrastructure is not well maintained?

In any of the cases mentioned above, you can go for the voice call option. 

How to Check if Your YouTube Channel is Verified?

You can check if your YouTube channel has successfully gone through the verification process, by going into the YouTube settings. 

  • Open Settings,
  • Click on Status and Features,
  • If your account is verified, you will see it written in BOLD next to your Channel Name.

Wrap up:

To verify YouTube channel is an easy procedure. Moreover, we hope this guide will help you verify your YouTube channel or figure out why you are unable to verify your channel.

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