Improve Your Leadership Skills

10 Ways to Become a Better Leader


A leader is a role model who is passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, intelligent, and can think out of the box. Moreover, a leader needs to keep growing with trending strategies and advancements. What are the leadership skills that a person requires to be an effective leader? Various leadership skills are needed to enlighten the workplace, but the major ones are:

  • Active Listening
  • Empathy
  • Easy-to-understand Communication
  • Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility 
  • Inspiring and convincing attitude

What are the 3 Important Roles of a Leader?

Before moving toward the ways to develop leadership skills, it is essential to know the leader’s primary role.

  • To Provide Vision:

Consider that as a leader, you are the captain of the ship, and you are the one to give them a clear vision of what your organization wants. Each team member should know the goal of the project to act more focused.

  • To establish effective organizational structure and communication protocols:

A proper organizational structure is vital to let everybody know their responsibilities and who they are answerable to.

Also, the communication method used should complement the content of the message.

  • To be an Effective Role Model:

As a leader, you have to be inspiring, motivating and to do so, you have to be an effective communicator, a patient listener, and specific regarding work done.

Below are the ten sorted ways to become a better leader and to improve your leadership skills. 

How to Develop Leadership Skills?

1. Understanding your Current Leadership Style:

The very first thing toward improvement is to know what kind of leader you are now? Your strength and weaknesses? Do an in-depth study on your personality, and once you are aware of all your qualities that help or hinder your leadership, you are ready to grow and improve.

2. Cheer Creativity:

As an intellectual leader, you need to be creative and support creativity. Your followers also need a tap on the back to express creativity.

Let your followers stretch their limits and provide them with ample support to boost their morale. Furthermore, become an effective leader, engage your team in new challenges that can aid in their growth.

3. Become an Ideal:

It is the responsibility of a leader to foster a specific belief and transfer it to his followers. If the followers truly idealize the leader, they try their best to come up to the mark the leader expects them to reach.

Additionally, this idealism will let them jump out of the well and fulfil all the expectations of their idol. As actions speak louder than words, so the leader has to showcase the strength he wants to see in his employees or followers.

4. Be Fervent:

Passion and enthusiasm are the keys to success. It would help if you had a certain level of force required to accomplish a task. Similarly, a leader must be passionate about his job, project, or cause to teach his followers’ same passion and enthusiasm.

A leader should mark the deadline for the project; he should appreciate every member of the group’s contribution and encourage others to join the passion league.

5. Listen and communicate effectively:

A leader should be a good listener and an excellent communicator. It is significant to communicate the projects and tasks effectively to the followers and listen to their opinions one-on-one.

A good leader should pay attention to the problems and concerns of followers both verbally and nonverbally.

6. Positive Attitude:

As a good leader, you should have an upbeat, positive attitude to keep your team enthusiastic. Try to stay positive in any situation as the followers look up to their ideal and their moods fluctuate according to the leader’s spirit.

Besides, it will keep the atmosphere of the workspace optimistic and hopeful in case of challenges.

7. Welcome the Ideas from Followers:

Creativity and freedom of speech is an important aspect to improve the quality of production. Listen to your workers and let them pour in their ideas. Your encouragement as a leader will lead them to put extra effort into bringing more innovative ideas.

To get the positive outcome of communication, it is significant to encourage all the participants to give their ideas and opinions.

8. Motivate your Team:

No, you don’t have to give any motivational speech to keep the staff motivated. All you have to do just become genuinely passionate about the organization’s ideals and goals and followers will automatically get motivated.

If a leader is motivated about overall company performance, the followers automatically get energetic by the ambience’s positive vibes.

9. Offer Rewards and Recognitions:

Happiness tends to make performance better, and a leader can make the follower happy by announcing rewards and recognizing their efforts.

The recognition and appreciation bring a magical power that let them do what was pretended as brutal to impossible.

10. Diversity:

Leadership is a two-way relationship. As you make an effort to build some strong leadership qualities, don’t forget to look at your followers’ inspiration and enthusiasm. Moreover, your motivation and their actions and input in return will keep your morale high.

Keep on trying new techniques and diverse ideas to keep the team positive and energetic.

Likewise, the positive workplace is an essential factor behind the balanced life of a leader and followers eventually. It is significant for a leader to keep the workplace a happy place.

 How to Improve Leadership Skills?

Mentioned above were the essential traits that a leader should have. Leadership can be polished further by:

  • Taking Initiatives
  • Critical Thinking
  • Listening Effectively
  • Motivating others
  • Maintaining discipline
  • Learning constantly
  • And handling conflicts

If you are struggling to improve your leadership skills, focus on the listing mentioned above, and if you are already a leader, these critical traits will help you influence others.

Leadership Skills for Resume:

A resume is the first thing that makes your impression. So, your resume should scream “Leader,” and for so, it should have the following leadership skills mentioned.

  • Analytical decision making
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Problem Solving
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Delegation
  • Relationship Building
  • Motivation
  • Adaptability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Tech savviness

Of course, including these skills will make you get noticed by potential employers.  

Wrap Up:

Accountability, patience, active listening, creativity, and positivity are the necessary leadership qualities that a person should possess to become an effective leader. Hence, your personality and resume should scream that you are a leader, and your followers should look up to you to idealize you.


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