List of Top Accounting Softwares for Small Business in 2021


Whenever you are trying to set up a new small business, you always need someone to take care of the accounts so you may have a complete record of how much loss you have faced or what amount of profit you had. As the world is advancing every day, now the old tradition of keeping up the log registers is out of fashion. In order to keep the whole data of your business safe and secure, you can use the accounting software that is available. Here we will present a List of Top Accounting Softwares for Small businesses in 2021.

This accounting software for business is created while considering the options and categories that the owner must look for in order to keep his small business working properly. Besides, they not only keep your data safe but they can arrange them in the order you want.

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is the soft wares that are specially designed in order to track the records of the buying and selling that an owner must face in any business. The main and the most prominent feature of such accounting software is that they track accounts, receivable and payable accounts have the proper understanding of the profit and the profitability of the business, and also prepares the whole data for taxation.

In the world of accounting software, small businesses are those for which we can use any of the box software without the restriction of any customization. This accounting software for business usually depends on the varying capabilities and price tags that are set by the owners. Type of industry and number of employees are also two of the major factors that are considered when it comes to the selection of the accounting software.

Here are the top Accounting Softwares in different respects;

  • QuickBooks Online: Best Overall
  • Xero Best for Micro-Business Owners
  • FreshBooks: Best for Service-based Business
  • QuickBooks Self Employed: Best for Part-Time Freelancers
  • Wave: Best Free Software

What is web-based accounting software?

Covid has restricted the working of the world. It also had made accounting and business difficult for everyone belonging to this field. As you are unable to work from a single office or a building, the maintenance of the online working of the business is even difficult. This difficulty is made easier by the web accounting software.

Web accounting software is the software that can work on any PC or system unless or until the owner has provided access to it. It can allow you to work and control the whole data and working from your computer by keeping an eye on the entries that your workers put from their PCs. In web accounting software, the owner has the power to grant permission to the person he wants his software to work with.

As the web software are concerned, the following are the top 5 web accounting software that you’ll like;

  • FreshBooks
  • QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • Sage Accounting
  • Kashoo

What popular accounting software are there to choose from?

The need for accounting software is increasing day by day. In this rush of a number of accounting software available around, choosing the best and the most accurate according to our choice is a tough choice. In search of the most suitable software according to your requirements, the best way is to look for the most popular accounting software.

For your ease, here are the 5 top accounting softwares;

1. Sage Intacct:

Sage Intacct is the most popular accounting software. It is also the most highly rated accounting software. Sage Intacct is user-friendly. It consists of intuitive navigation i.e., the traffic will move from one page to another automatically. Also, this accounting software is easy to use, update and customize according to your business and needs.

In order to customize or to work on Sage Intacct, you don’t have to be an IT expert, any person with little knowledge about accounting software. It has the added capabilities that help in the separation of the duties that help the owner for SOX X compliance. The links available in this accounting software are so easy to download.

2. Xero:

The second most popular accounting software is Xero. This is also user-friendly accounting software. It has these features that enable you to create accounting statements automatically. This software is especially used for keeping a record of the data.

3.Quick Books Desktop Enterprise:

Quick books desktop is the third most popular accounting software. This software has a huge number of vendors and customers that makes it among the popular accounting software. It is easy to drill down from the summary reports.

The most salient feature of this software is that you can easily track down the history of your data and transactions that you have made. Besides, this accounting software also has this unique feature that warns you every time there is a double entry of the invoice number or the check number. The data and its history are all safe with this accounting software.


Odoo is also one of the most popular accounting software. It provides you with multiple features that can make an accounting of your business helpful. Moreover, this software offers bank synchronization that helps you to get your payments done easily. Along with this it also provides you invoicing. Invoicing helps you to keep a track record of the buying and purchasing done throughout the time period.

It also helps you to manage all the bills and expenses of your business. This helps you to manage all the data and the expenses you have in your business. The best part about it is it easily reconciles the whole data and it can be easily used.

5. Wave Account:

This is also among the top 5 popular accounting software just because is free. This free version of accounting software is easy to use and also provides you with good traffic to customers and suppliers. The best part of this accounting software is that it can easily connect to external accounts for transaction import.


In order to select the best accounting software, you must consider the requirements of your business. The above-mentioned top accounting softwares will help you in maintaining and keeping your business working in the best possible way by making your work easy and effective.

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