Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch for Inspiration


Entrepreneurship is a journey based on motivation and firm inspiration. An entrepreneur is enthusiastic and works hard to achieve his goal. Thus, inspiration is a key element that keeps motivation high. Inspiration can be anything like a book, quotation, word-of-mouth or a movie etc. We are here with the 10 best movies every entrepreneur should watch for inspiration.

Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch for Inspiration:

1. Pirates of Silicon Valley:

Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal (Steve Jobs)

What would be more inspiring than watching the journey of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? Moreover, the film is based on the story of how they build their technology empire. Moreover, the story is an inspiration for entrepreneurs as the characters of the story deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Their rivalry and their passion to chase their dream are worth watching. The story is a depiction of the fact that nothing can stop you if you are passionate and know the art of executing your idea.

2. The Social Network:

The Social Network is another piece of art; a movie that every entrepreneur should watch for inspiration. How the world’s youngest entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, started his journey and he executed a simple idea into the most profitable business to date. The movie will inspire you to bits with deft storytelling and excellent background music. How did Facebook evaluate from a doom-room of Harvard to the hands of every human throughout the globe? How can an entrepreneur makes others believe in his dream and work day and night to achieve whatever he wants in life?

3. Boiler Room:

A 19-year-old college dropout, Seth Devis, has faced a dire moral issue. He raised himself and became the top broker at brokerage firm J.T marlin, but there is something suspicious at J.T Marlin. How Seth cope up with the dilemma of greed and money vs legality and morals. This movie has some serious lessons for entrepreneurs including the fight between right and wrong, wealth and greed, impermanence and lawfulness in business. Hence, the movie is a must-watch for entrepreneurs.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness:

It is a biopic of a salesman Chris Gardner. He has a small family, but he loses everything including his family and home. Chris gathers himself up and works hard to make his life better. He loves his family and believes that he will get what he wants. Moreover, he slept in the toilet of a railway station with his son, spend nights in shelter homes but never told anyone to get sympathy. Chris is highly motivated and keeps his son motivated throughout. Finally, he gets what he wanted. The story will you goosebumps and many emotional moments to cherish. The movie is definitely an inspiration for entrepreneurs.

5. Flash of Genius:

An entrepreneur knows the significance of keeping an idea a secret. A college professor (Robert Kearns) who invented windshield wiper is devastated to know that his idea is stolen by a leading motor company. No credit is given to the inventor. But he fights with the biggest corporation to get his credit. Therefore, the story has some powerful lesson for entrepreneurs to learn.

6. Startupcom: is a documentary based on the failure of a promising startup. The reason behind their failure in internal power struggles and mismanagement. Moreover, the story revolves around the internal politics of the company that turn friends into foes. Though the movie is a bit underrated it is one of the best movies for entrepreneurs to watch for inspiration.

7. The Wolf of Wall Street:

The wolf of wall street has some powerful lessons regarding power, greed, success, fame, fortune and respect for the law. The story teaches us how to be aware and disciplined with success. Along with some serious lessons for entrepreneurs, the film also tells us about the temptations that can jeopardize success.

8. Office Space:

Office space is based on people who are fed up with 9-5 job and are literally pissed off. The film makes you laugh to death and will provoke you to plunge into entrepreneurship. The story of the film is about a man Peter Gibbons, who hates his boss and his desk job. Therefore, he manages to get rid of his job and is all set to follow his dreams. The story has many hilarious moments and is equally thought-provoking.

9. Limitless:

Released in 2011, this movie was a true classic. A writer is all set to tell you shortcuts and easy-to-go paths. The power that is not earned and its terrible side effects are difficult to cope up with. Eddie Morra is dwindling every moment to collapse. What has his quick fixes made him pay? Also, the movie has some electrifying lessons for entrepreneurs who look out for short cuts. 

10. Joy:


Joy is also about a small idea turned huge A women who get in the market with the idea of a miracle mop. She turns her business dream into reality. Moreover, the happy ending of the movie makes the entrepreneurs keep their morals high and work hard no matter how much people criticize them for their idea of being small.


All the mentioned above are great movies every entrepreneur should watch for inspiration. They are just a few, their would be many others, feel free to share your favourite movie to inspire entrepreneurs.



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