Productive Things to Do at Home During Corona


Its been a year and a half since quarantine has made the world battle hard. We have been through thick and thin and have survived the pandemic so far. Kudos to your positive energy. As we are bound to stay at home and maintain social distancing, it sometimes became hard to kill time productively. We are here with a list of some productive things to do at home during corona.

12 Productive Things to do at home during Corona:

1. Do Workout at home:

The first thing that you should consider is your health and fitness. It is not necessary to be a fitness freak to do a workout. Follow a simple mantra to keep moving within your house. You can use YouTube videos for beginners workout. There are plenty of them with different difficulty levels. If you were already a gym member, you should look if they are offering any online classes.

2. Watch Documentaries:

Documentaries are one of the entertaining as well as a well-informed medium of art. They are super interesting to watch, and you will get to learn something also. Moreover, it will expand your knowledge. You can watch some fascinating documentaries on Netflix.

3. Get Green-Fingered:

Consider yourself lucky to have a front or backyard, a loan or even a balcony to put some plants. Gardening is one of the most relaxing and soothing things to do. You can plant seeds and watch them grow; it is one of the most satisfying experiences. You can plant herbs and flowers to make your place aromatic. Please yourself by indulging in gardening. Your kids can be your companions in gardening; encourage them to plant seeds and take care of their plants.

4. Try some DIYs & Craft:

DIY’s are followed by the world during this pandemic. Even celebrities have been witnessed trying DIYs and posting videos. Follow your favourite crafters on social media and try their DIYs. You can paint your room or home, make decorations for your living rooms, do pottery, learn sewing, altering clothes and much more. The world of DIYs and craft has a lot to offer. Start a project and let your family members join you.

5. Read a Book:

Due to your busy routine, you would have been putting your reading on hold. This is a perfect time to pursue your good habit of reading. It helps you build your vocabulary, enhance your imagination, lower stress, and exercise your brain. You can purchase preloved books from Amazon.

6. Enrol for free coarse:

Thanks to the virtual world, you have a million options available. Many certified businesses and educational institutes are offering free courses. You can learn basic graphic designing, scriptwriting, creative writing, codes and much more. Do a little research and enrol to utilize your time productively.

7. Learn a Language:

learning a new language is also one of the productive things to do at home during COVID 19. You can learn to speak the second most used language in your country. You can indulge your kids and partners with you to make the process more interesting.

8. Update Your Resume:

You have put this important task wayside because of your busy routine, but now is the best time to update your resume. Also, you can update your LinkedIn page. It will help you to get in a rush in future for your job hunt.

9. Freelance:

Freelancing is one of the most productive things to do at home during COVID 19. You can register on various freelancing websites. If you are a designer, writer, or have any expertise in a technical field. You can also contact other people in your network to build a team and give freelancing services. This is worth experimenting with, and you will earn a handsome amount at the end of the day.

10. Try some Baking & Cooking:

Suppose you are working women or men and didn’t get time to cook or bake in daily life. This is the time to let your peers know that you can do anything if you want to. Try some new baking and cooking recipes and have fun with your family. Let your creative juices flow in this quarantine.

11. Clean your Wardrobe:

Organizing things become difficult in a busy life. If you have piles of clothes in your wardrobe, this is the time to get organized. Organize your wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. This will ease your life when you are back to normal routine life. Also, engage your kids and partner to inculcate the organizing habit in them.

12. Start a Blog:

Starting a blog is not rocket science. You can share your thoughts, hobbies, recipes, and much more. It is just like writing a diary. Anything that you want to tell the world about your experiences of life.


Above are few productive things to do at home during corona. The possibilities are endless. You can share your ideas on the productive things to do at home during corona. We would love to hear from you.

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