The 10 Outrageous Things in Dubai 

Things You'll Only See in Dubai 


Dubai is profoundly known for its lively nightlife scene, luxury shopping, and ultramodern architecture. Besides being the capital of billionaires, everything is automated in Dubai. There are various outrageous things in Dubai that will amaze you.

May it is luxury airlines, automobiles, shopping, or luxury entertainment, everything helps make Dubai one of the lavish places to live or visit in the World.

Let’s have a look at the outrageous things in Dubai.

1. Luxury Police Automobiles and Ambulances:

 Exotic sports cars are the pride of the Dubai police. No one can be up against Dubai cops chasing them in ravishing Bugatti Veyron. As the World knows, their entire economy flourishes on petrol and tourism.

Petrol is stable, so their focus is sharply on the progression of the tourism Industry. Lavishing police automobiles are just another bullet in the barrel of their tourism strategy. It is not a bad idea to gift yourself a luxury car to attract tourism. These cars are mostly seen in the tourist attraction areas.

Moreover, if you call for an ambulance in Dubai, don’t be surprised by the arrival of the Nissan GT-R or Chevy Corvette.

2. Flower in the Deserts is no more an Idiom:

Deserts are supposed to be dry, hot, and sandy. Being a desert, Dubai’s climate is not conducive to cultivate plants, but the Dubai miracle garden is a jaw-dropping beauty and home to 250 million plants.

It is the most extensive flower garden globally, and the beautiful color combinations made it a must-visit tourist spot list. There is an entry fee of DH 40 for adults and DH 30 for children above 12.

3. Wake up in the Sky:

Besides being the city of rich, Dubai also has the tallest buildings in the World. It has 73 tall buildings that height approx. 656 ft.

The neo futurism architectural style of Burj Khalifa is a tourist attraction. It has 163 floors, and according to the project manager, its lifespan will be 100 years. Other than Burj Khalifa, many other buildings touch the sky, including:

  • Marina 101
  • Princess Tower
  • 23 Marina
  • Elite Residence
  • The Address of BLVD
  • Gevora Hotel
  • Almas Tower

4. Gold Vending Machines:

The first permanent gold vending machine in the World was installed in a five-star Emirates Palace Hotel, which is also an outrageous thing in Dubai. There are restaurants and stores in Dubai that accept Gold only.

Moreover, these gold vending machines look like ATM’s. These machines are used so consistently they have to be restocked twice every week.

5. Wild Pets:

You will find various people flaunting on roads and pools with their pets, and they are not cats and dogs but the lion, tigers, and leopards.

It has become a menace to keep the endangered species as pets and the purpose into showoff only. Most owners even have no idea how to take care of these pets, and they hire professional help.

Hence, most of these animals are declawed, and sharp teeth are filed down, which is not appreciatable. But what to do when you have so much money to spend.

6. Robots Playing Sports:

Camel racing is one of the famous sports in Dubai. Human jockeys are now fortunately replaced by robot jockeys. People bet on the robots and camels.

7. The biggest shopping mall in the World:

Another outrageous thing in Dubai is The Dubai Mall. It is the largest shopping mall globally with more than 1200 shops, a SEGA game center, 22 cinema screens, 120 restaurants and café, and a five-star hotel.

The Dubai mall is also considered the Middle East’s fashion capital. The massive aquarium in the mall also attracts tourists around the globe.

8. Gold, Pearls, and Diamond Obsession:

People in Dubai are solely obsessed with Gold and diamonds. Below are a few examples to measure the level of their fascination.

  • A baby named Rimma has a pacifier, outfitted with Gold and diamonds in Dubai.
  • There is a foosball table encrusted with diamond and customized with Swarovski crystals.
  • A French man designed a shoe with gold heels in cassette shape, and they are worn most in Dubai than any other country in the World.
  • The World’s expensive cupcake costs $1000, and you know why? Because it has a 23-carat gold coating and I don’t have to tell you now where it is found.
  • A Mercedes spotted painted in Pure white Gold, and it can’t be driven on the road as the reflection will cause other drivers.
  • Diamond encrusted Nokia phones are also displayed in Dubai.
  • The Saudi Prince Amir bin Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz has a Diamond encrusted Mercedes Benz which costs $4.8 million.

9. Modern Architecture:

Dubai is full of architectural masterpieces. Modernism in architecture has tourists throughout the World head toward Dubai. A few examples of Dubai elegant buildings are:

  • Burj Al Arab Hotel
  • Burj Al Khalifa
  • The Techno Sphere
  • Almas Tower
  • JW Marriot Marquis Hotel
  • Emirate Office Towers
  • Rose Tower
  • Princess Tower
  • Cayan Tower
  • The Address Downtown Dubai

10. Stunt Lovers:

Arab youngsters are stunt lovers. You can spot a group of kids wheeling in the center of the road with an SUV. The stunt here is next level.

Wrap up:

Dubai is the city of the rich. The lavishing lifestyle may attract you but living is very costly in this land of architectural wonders. We hope you enjoyed the mentioned-above outrageous things in Dubai.

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