The Complete Guide To C2C


C2C (customer to customer) is online trading, which enables people to sell or buy different products through a third-party site where both are customers. The Internet provides a better opportunity for both buyers and sellers than the brick and mortar stores. Let’s start with the guide to C2C.

What is C2C?

C2C is an abbreviation for customer-to-customer and is an advanced trade. In C2C, exchange occurs between the customers themselves on a third-party platform or website. In this evolving era, where everything is evolving from physical to online, trade also shifted from physical to online.

More and more people are getting along with customers to customers as they provide more benefits and opportunities to the businessman and the familiar people. The most prominent and attractive feature about C2C is that it provides more opportunities to the sellers and gives them a more extensive interaction with extensive customers.

Are there any types or forms of C2C available?

Due to advancements in technology and trade, C2C has also evolved so much in older times. This advancement has provided the customers with a wide variety and opportunity. Different platforms are preset, where you can have different C2C approaches with various buying, selling, and exchanging payments. Every C2C has a different style and format in both trade and payment.

This guide to C2C will introduce you to the most typical and common types of C2C that are found on the Internet;

· Online Auction

· E-commerce sites

· Money transfer platforms

· Social media sites

From the above-discussed types, we can see that every type of C2C is different and unique from the previous one. C2C has provided us with ease and has opened many doors for us in every perspective. From auctions to shopping, to social interaction, till money transfer, every field is now easily accessible in C2C.

How do C2C work?

C2C is not that difficult as it seems. It is just another way of trade in which you are a customer in a third-party platform, and you can quickly sell or buy stuff from other customers. In C2C, the third party platform is used to facilitate and make the payment methods smooth. The start of this C2C companies emerged with the development of e-commerce and the sharing economy’s initiation.

Since then, the people have benefits from the competition in the products and in some of the products that are not easily found even in the brick and mortar stores. The main thing about the C2C companies is that the price margins can be a little higher than the other products as these third party platforms ask for a certain amount of commission.

Due to restricted movement in COVID, C2C facilitates us with every possible thing we want to buy or sell without even visiting any of the stores. This is an easy way to list your items so that anyone who wishes to buy them can easily access them.

Is there any E-commerce in C2C?

C2C also offers e-commerce along with other types of trades and businesses. In costumers to customers’ e-commerce, transactions and purchasing are done via the Internet. Like other platforms of C2C, in C2C e-commerce, both buyers and sellers are customers, and they trade objects according to demand and supply.

In C2C e-commerce, the seller and the buyer find each other through various resources, and these resources in return for this favour charge a small amount of commission or fees. Along with referring commission, these C2C sites also charge a small commission on the listing and displaying of your products or goods.

Unlike most e-commerce websites, these C2C e-commerce websites have easy and online transaction methods such as credit cards or PayPal that cause much ease in your trade and working. Most of the products and goods have reduced prices as compared to typical stores. Not only this, but these sites also provide you with the opportunity where you can relate and compare the rates of the goods that you want to buy. Commonly, you have a list that shows the bestseller, most popular, and other sections like that, which makes you trade more effective and comfortable.

How can you build a C2C online website?

Moving on with the guide to C2C, know that building a C2C online website is not that much of a difficult task. All you need to know is the right guidance and the right amount of energy required to achieve the desired goals. But before initiating the process of building and developing a website, you should be well aware of the on-going trends and the demands of the public. This will help you analyze and invest intelligently in the trade.

Here are the essential steps that you should know while building a customer to an online customer website;

  • Perfect E-commerce website developer
  • Planning wisely about your working
  • Selection of an effective name
  • Choosing the perfect template
  • Customizing your template
  • Inserting your products
  • Choosing the transaction method
  • Planning the shipping management
  • Preview your plan
  • Test your working
  • Publish your website

All these steps are essential and are the basic need in creating a C2C online website.

Is it even possible to sell stationary via C2C?

C2C is a wide range of trade that includes any product or setup. Stationary selling is also one of the emerging dimensions in C2C e-commerce. To go for stationary selling via the customer to customer, you must be well aware of what primary things should be there to provide to your customers and what they would need.

Some of the basic and common items, according to this guide to C2C, that can help you in uplifting and making your stationary selling recognizable are;

  • Lined paper
  • Unlined paper
  • Ring-binder
  • Post-it notes
  • Punching machine
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Highlighters
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Liquid paper / correction fluid
  • Sello tape
  • Drawing pins
  • Notebooks

These are some essential but necessary items that must be there in your C2C stationary selling.

But besides selecting the items that you will put on your list, you must be aware of the challenges that you’ll have to face in this field of enormous competition. Following are the points that should be considered while working on your business;

  • You should be specific in the line of stationery that you are choosing
  • Try to grow and expand your work according to the line of stationery that you have
  • Evaluate and observe your competition
  • You should have up-to-date information about the new business trends
  • Try to choose the right circle according to your style of working


As C2C is bringing betterment in our lives according to the present conditions of Covid, you should try to approach such trades so that the advancement and innovation that is coming in this field as well could flourish and could work better. 

We hope your fine this guide to C2C helpful. Good luck.

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