The Top 10 Animated Movies On Netflix


The top 10 animated movies on Netflix are proof that a good animation will never let you get your eye off-screen for a while. You can relate to the characters and emotions featured in the film just like regular feature films.

Moreover, animators know how to grab the attention of the audience using stop-motion, hand-drawn, or CGI animation.

Netflix has some exceptionally beautiful animated movies that are a treat to vision. Let’s have a look at the top 10 animated movies on Netflix, according to IMDB.

1.      Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse-8.4

The unusual comic book style animation and charming characters of this animation make it worth watching. It is considered one of the best spider man animated movies ever made by Sony entertainment. It also won the Academy Award for the best-animated feature in 2019.

2. Klaus 8.2:

Klaus is a twist to Santa Claus who brings love in the land of unhappiness.  Klaus gives presents to children of a snowy town to maintain peace and develop friendship, that was in the state of war with another town for a long time. Basically, it is a Christmas tale that brings smiles and joy.

The witty dialogues and lively characters of the animation movie make it worth watching. the powerful characters will make you laugh and emotional with them.

3.   Song of the Sea 8.1:

Released in 2014, this epic made both critics and the audience fascinated. The unique plot revolves around Irish siblings. David gets to know that his mute sister is not a usual one and is a selkie. He struggles to make her find her voice and free the supernatural creatures.

Nominated for OSCARS, this art piece has a lot to say. We recommend you watch it with your little ones and enjoy the quality time.

5. Batman: Mask of The Phantasm – 7.8


Batman is one of the most loved superheroes. This particular movie is the continuation of the series and is considered one of the best among all.

Gotham city’s most dangerous criminals are all set to test the caped crusader whom they suspect has killed the crime bosses.

5. Scoobie_Doo on Zombie Island:

Scooby_doo is one of the most loved franchises and delightfully Netflix has uploaded the best entries. Loved by fans, this is a thrilling episode of Scooby_doo.

Reunited in search of adventures and mysteries, the scooby doo gang is all set to entertain you. Moreover, Inhabitat of undead pirate and his zombie crew has welcomed the gang with open hearts.

6. My Life as a Zucchini:

This stop-motion animation has gathered audience and critics’ attention in 1 hour. The tragic stories of orphanage kids and how they end up living together were made in French but were later dubbed in English.

Together they learn to make friends and hence, understand the meaning of love and trust.

7. Despicable Me – 7.6:

The bright and colorful minions are all ready to make you laugh. Minions have become ambassadors of pop culture with a period.

Guru is the villain of the film who adopts three girls to fulfill his evil schemes. Later he became attached to them and started loving them. Overall the film is a good family drama full of emotions.

8. The Croods:

Dreamworks has given another solid addition to animation. We cannot say it the best product of Dreamworks but still, it was entertaining. A family of the caveman is struggling to fit in the unfamiliar fantastical world.

With a strong belief that fear will keep them alive, how long will they survive? Moreover, The overprotective father strives to save his daughter from the crood crood world.

9. April and the Extraordinary World:

Set in the very original world, the plot of this animation deals with climate change, death, technological advancement, and war. the evolution of science and technology depicted in the film makes it worth watching. The complex piece of art is not very happy but interesting though.

A young girl is all set to find her missing parents who were scientists and vanished mysteriously. Many mysteries and dangers are ahead in her path.

10. The Little Prince 7.7:

This is Netflix’s original product featuring a young boy who is traveling on different planets in space and sharing observations about human life and nature. Also, addressing themes like loss, friendship, love, and loneliness, the child represents how open-minded these little creatures can be.

The film has some beautiful moments and lessons to learn. There is a lot of blast in this small packaging and is worth watching. You can connect to the different messages given in the film beautifully.

Wrap Up:

All we want to say in wrap-up is that plan a quality weekend at home and watch these animation classics to spend memorable moments with your family.  These top 10 animated movies will leave a spell on your heart for a long time.

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