Top 10 Long Hair cutting Style for Men for Party


Hair plays a vital role in building one’s personality. Whether it’s men are women, everybody wants to have an easy-to-maintain yet stylish haircut. If you are thinking of trying new hairstyles, this paper will help you decide what to opt for this season. Let’s move toward the 10 best long hair cutting style for men for parties.

Best Hair Cutting style for Long Hair for Men:

The first and most classic one is;

  1. The Classic Undercut:

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The classic undercut is one of the most decent and always trending hairstyles. It gives you a clean look and a graceful persona. Many national and international stars are seen carrying this haircut gracefully. You can definitely give it a try this summer.

2. Layered Undercut:

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If you like something wild and out of proportion, the layered haircut is ideal for you. You need to go to an extremely professional and experienced barber to get the perfect layered look. Too many layers can ruin the entire look. It gives you a super-stylish look.  Moreover, don’t forget to guide your barber about the exact length that you want at the end.

3. Side Swept Hairstyle:

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The side-swept can be achieved in both short and long hairs. The swept is keep natural according to that fall of hair and sides are cut shorter. It also gives you a clean and classic look. The side-swept this season will give you a subtle look.

4. Puffy Haircut:

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To give an extra volume to hairs, a puffy haircut is worth trying, especially for broad faces. It will make you look charming and balanced. Go for a puffy haircut if you have wavy or curly hair.

5. Low Fade:

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The low fades are a go-to look in every season. They are low-maintenance and elegant. The low fades get shorter down the length. This is how one can do a low fade in 4 minutes at home.

6. French Crop:

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Very similar to caesar cut, this haircut is a little messy with fringe at the front. Moreover, it can be easy to maintain as it doesn’t require much effort.

7. Bro Flow:

Bro Flow

Bro flow is an ideal option if you want to get a sophisticated yet rugged appearance. You can achieve this look by growing your hair from mid to long length.

8. Long and Straight:

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Long straight hair looks equally classic on men like women. They are never out of fashion and also let you create versatile looks. You can have a messy bun, half-up, top-knot, ponytail, or even leave them open.

9. Jesus Waves:

Long Hair Style

Jesus waves are a layered cut and are straight across the back. It is better suitable for wavy hair.

10. Mid Length Longer Hair:

Long Hair Style

Shoulder lengths are best for square and oval faces. They are a bit longer on the top and shorter on the sides. They are also low maintenance, and you can leave them to dry naturally.

Wrap up:

All the long hair cutting style for men mentioned above are evergreen and make you look classy and elegant.

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